Before the first note of the evening rang out, the answer to why I fall short of being a bigger fan of Aimee Mann’s music was best summed up by the singer-songwriter herself. Describing her songs as “slow, sad and depressing,” she hit the nail right on the head. I don’t do sad very well. […]

Yes, that is a Grammy that Chance McCoy is holding. Earned for Old Crow Medicine Show’s 2014 Best Folk Album, “Remedy,” it’s just another “pinch-me” moment in McCoy’s remarkable story. In 2012, the struggling-to-survive music teacher got the call of a lifetime, and since then has been a proud and respected member of the OCMS. […]

Getting to meet Rich Lynch was a bit like meeting myself. He’s a guy from New Jersey who moved to Nashville, loves pizza and music, and writes a local music blog. We also connected on our love for Springsteen along with our shared dismay about his expensive Broadway tickets. Rich has even expressed his feelings […]

As soon as I got into my car after seeing The Posies at the City Winery, several questions about my evening with Seattle power-pop band started running through my head. The show featured only the core Posies duo of Jon Auer and Ken Stringfellow singing and playing electric guitars. While the twin axes made for […]

When I listen to Travis Meadow’s “Pray for Jungleland” a dramatic screenplay runs through my mind. It gets personal for me, harking back to a time before Spotify when life’s longings even included what we’d hope to hear on the car radio. Like Springsteen’s best, it’s a tough and tender song reminiscing about adolescence. Many […]

Several years ago, I had the chance to meet Josh Rouse after a show and offered him the personalized compliment that he was “my favorite artist who was younger than me.” Since it seems like I spend a lot of time seeing 70-year old men in concert these days, there’s still a lot of truth […]

They say that there are still about 100 people moving every day to Nashville. What they don’t tell you is that 46 of them are musicians! While I may be making that up, there are a lot of great players and writers that keep coming here, and one of them I met recently was Jay […]