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Great Forgotten Records: “Evidence” – Boo Hewerdine & Darden Smith

Here’s a record that I just know you will love. It’s 1989’s unexpected one-off musical partnership from Texan Darden Smith and Brit Boo Hewerdine. “Evidence” is a great acoustic-based record full of great songs sung in a blend of pop and folk. Have a taste and check out what I have to say about it. […]

11 Questions to a Nashville Musician: Mason Lively

There’s a lot of ties between the great states of Texas and Tennessee. It started when the Volunteer State helped at the Alamo and continues today through the many great songwriters who have called both places home. Add to the list Country/Americana artist Mason Lively who is currently living the best of both worlds by […]

Looking for Records: Goodwill – Franklin, TN

Take a trip with me to look for some cheap records at my local Goodwill store. You will be amazed at what I find. Please LIKE, SHARE & SUBSCRIBE.

Great Forgotten Records: “High Society” – The Silver Seas

Here comes album #6 in my video playlist of great records that I want to make sure everyone gets to hear. This one is from my favorite band, The Silver Seas, one of Nashville’s greatest treasures. Listen and enjoy a record that in another musical era would have been a major smash. PLEASE LIKE, SHARE […]

11 Questions to a Nashville Musician: Danielle Cormier

Sadly, many of us know how tough Christmas can be when it’s the first we spend without a loved one. Like Music City Mike, Nashville artist Danielle Cormier lost her dad earlier this year. Well, she and her pal, Karlie Bartholomew, who also lost a grandfather, got together earlier this year to pen the touching […]

Ranking Records: Rock Christmas Classics?

Watch me discuss a handful of Rock Christmas songs from over 40 years ago. The question to answer is which of these can now be considered to be Christmas Classics. Let me know what you think in the comments below. PLEASE LIKE, SHARE AND SUBCRIBE AND HAVE A MERRY CHRISTMAS! Here’s a Spotify playlist for […]

Great Forgotten Records: Garland Jeffreys – “Ghost Writer”

Welcome to the fifth go-round of fave records of mine that you may not know about. Today I will show you a taste of the 1977 release by one of New York’s finest, the great Garland Jeffreys. So sit back and let’s all get “wild in the streets” with Garland. PLEASE LIKE, SHARE AND SUBSRIBE […]