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Mike’s Music Lists: Songs Whose Titles Are No More Than a Year

Song lyrics sometimes relate to or tell a story about a certain time period. This time can be historic, literary, nostalgic or perhaps even personal to the songwriter. On occasion, songwriters have made this time reference the title of their song. So here’s the drill: a list of songs whose title is nothing more than […]

Richard Lloyd @ The Basement / Nashville TN / November 20, 2016

In late 2013 and early 2014, I got a second chance in life when I finally got to see the great late-70s New York-based band, Television, not once, but twice. The band I saw in Athens, GA and Nashville, contained three of the four original members. Missing was lead guitarist Richard Lloyd who had parted […]

CLASSIC CONCERT: John Lee Hooker @ Seton Hall University Student Lounge / South Orange, NJ / October 16, 1973

I was once a young college student on an often easily-distracted quest for knowledge. Courtesy of my school’s Student Programming Board budget, I was also offered the opportunity for some additional free non-accredited independent study in music. While the school did bring in some big touring acts to its big gym which cost a few […]

CLASSIC CONCERT: Fleetwood Mac / Bob Seger & the Silver Bullet Band / Kenny Loggins / Return to Forever @ Tangerine Bowl / Orlando, FL / May 29, 1977

Just a year out of college, I was still acting like a kid and took a trip with the guys to the Florida beach around Memorial Day. Our destination was Daytona Beach, but after a visit to a local record store where I found the above poster, we took a drive to Orlando for this […]

Anderson, Rabin and Wakeman / Schermerhorn Symphony Center / Nashville, TN / November 7, 2016

If you are looking for an in-depth analysis of this show by a die-hard Yes fan, you won’t be getting one here. One thing I’ve learned about music blogging, is that the less the writer knows about the band, the more he is likely to write about himself. So that’s my opening apology. I loved […]