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Let’s Open This Box Set: Aztec Camera – “Backwards and Forwards”

Another box set has made its way into my hands and that is the newly-released 9-CD collection from Aztec Camera. Long one of my all-time favorite bands, listen as I point out the pluses and minues of this UK offering. PLEASE LIKE SHARE AND SUBSCRIBE

Let’s Open This Box Set: Bob Dylan Bootleg Series #16 – Springtime in New York

Hey! Come join me for a quick peek inside the new Dylan box set plus a look at the stack I’ve amassed so far since this series began in 1991. PLEASE LIKE, SHARE AND SUBSCRIBE.

11 Questions to a Nashville Musician: Daryl Wayne Dasher

Looking for some new solid traditional-sounding Country that you can sink your teeth into? Well, then I suggest you check out “Honky Tonk Ways,” the fourth LP from Music City singer-songwriter Daryl Wayne Dasher. I’ve been digging the title track which you can listen to right here. Follow that sweet pedal steel and hear Daryl […]

Looking for Records: Amoeba Music – Los Angeles, CA

Here’s a look inside the massive Amoeba at their new location on Hollywood Blvd. A bit overwhelming for sure, but nonetheless, an exciting place to visit. And I picked up 3 cool LPs to carry home easily on the plane back to Nashville. PLEASE LIKE, SHARE AND SUBSCRIBE

11 Questions to a Nashville Musician: Haunted Like Human

Nashville Folk/Americana duo Haunted Like Human will drop a new self-released album titled “Tall Tales & Fables” on October 15.  Behind this interesting band name, you will find multi-instrumentalist and singer-songwriter Cody Clark and lead singer and lyricist Dale Chapman. So far there are two singles out from the upcoming LP for your listening pleasure. Check out “Ghost Towns” right now […]

11 Questions to a Nashville Musician: Ro Myra

Oh Nebraska, what an inspiring state you are! Springsteen crafted a tragic tale about a terrible adventure there. Then there were great songs by Josh Rouse and The Cash Brothers that played off the state’s stark imagery. Now Nashville Americana artist and Nebraska native, Ro Myra, gives us her just-released, self-produced debut LP titled “Nowhere, […]

Let’s Open This Box Set: The Beach Boys’ “Feel Flows”

Watch me take a quick look at today’s mailbox surprise – the new Beach Boys’ box set featuring 108 bonus tracks from the “Sunflower” and “Surf’s Up” records. Amazing! PLEASE LIKE, SHARE AND SUBSCRIBE.

Let’s Open This Box Set: Eric Clapton

Here’s a look inside the 50th Anniversary edition of the debut solo LP by Eric Clapton, fresh off my doorstep. Anyone know why they changed from the original cover? PLEASE LIKE, SHARE AND SUBSCRIBE

Ranking Records: The Clash

It’s time to take a quick look at the six studio LPs released by “The Only Band That Matters,” England’s The Clash. I suspect that most of us will agree with what’s on top and what’s on the bottom! As always, tell me what you think and how you would rank these records. PLEASE LIKE, […]

11 Questions to a Nashville Musician: Andy Peake

This 11 Questions is a return visit for Nashville drummer/percussionist Andy Peake. He last visited us as a member of the band Big Shoes, but now Andy has written a batch of songs and got together with some of his Music City pals to record his debut solo LP as a singer-songwriter. Biglittle Records will […]