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11 Questions to a Nashville Musician: Stacy Antonel

Stacy Antonel, the artist formerly known as Ginger Cowgirl, has recently independently released a new LP titled “Always the Outsider.” Moving her musical dial a tad from Country to Americana, it’s a record packed full of exquisite and emotional singing and songwriting layered over some of the loveliest musical arrangements Music City has heard this […]

11 Questions to a Nashville Musician: Stephanie Rabus

Yes, despite what you may have heard, Nashville is still the birthplace for new Country music. Witness the fine new record, “My Time Now” from St. Louis transplant, singer-songwriter Stephanie Rabus. While she still travels back home to front local St. Louie faves, Borderline, Stephanie has also been drawing them in Downtown on Lower Broadway. […]

11 More Questions to a Nashville Musician: David Newbould

Rocking Americana artist David Newbould’s return visit to “11 Questions” coincides with the recent release of his fourth full-length LP “Power Up!”. Recorded during the prickly pandemic, the record was cut in a makeshift basement studio in producer Scot Sax’s Music City home. A record you just won’t be able to put aside, Newbould adds […]

11 Questions to a Nashville Musician: Shannon Quinn

Warning! There are two Shannon Quinn’s in the music biz. While one hails from Halifax, the other is here in Music City helping keep the spirit of Lower Broadway alive. Singer-songwriter Shannon Quinn is an acoustic performer Downtown at AJ’s Good Time Bar on Broadway and has now recorded and released five singles that are […]

11 More Questions to a Nashville Musician: Nick Nace

Did you know that musicians still make music videos? Without an MTV, VH1, or CMT to pump them out non-stop like they used to, unless you are a YouTube addict like me, you might be missing some great stuff. Case in point is Nashville singer-songwriter Nick Nace’s video for “There’s No Music in Music City.” […]

11 Questions to a Nashville Musician: Amanda McCarthy

Listening to Nashville singer-songwriter Amanda McCarthy, the oft-used term “pop sensibility” comes to mind. What exactly does that mean you ask? How ‘bout that its music that is very relatable and catchy? For the proof, give a listen to her recent single “Don’t Stop Me.” Amanda released her debut LP “Road Trip” in 2019 just […]

11 Questions to a Nashville Musician: Michael Shaw

Photo by Greg Kuchik If you read this Q&A with Nashville singer-songwriter before listening to his music, you likely will (1) hope that he writes songs as fine as he answers these questions and (2) suspect that his love for Waylon might label some of his music as “Outlaw.” Well, the answer for both is […]

11 More Questions to a Nashville Musician: Jess Jocoy

Time for a refresh from another 11 Questions’ alumni. This one is courtesy of Jess Jocoy, a gifted singer-songwriter with one of Nashville’s loveliest voices. Jess has recently released her sophomore full-length LP “Let There Be No Despair” recorded at Cabin Studios here in Music City with co-producer Brandon Bell and a cast of East […]

11 Questions to a Nashville Musician: Allison Asarch

Well, here is a fascinating read from another local artist who is keeping the flame of solid traditional Country music alive in the honky-tonks of Nashville’s Lower Broadway. Thank you, Allison Asarch, for showing those crowds of tourists and the local fans you have made how it is still done here!  Allison recently took some […]

11 Questions to a Nashville Musician: Roanoke (Taylor Dupuis and Joey Beesley)

The Kill Rock Stars label, home for so much great-sounding stuff dating back to the wild ‘90s, will be releasing “Selene” b/w “Juna” by the Nashville-based band Roanoke digitally on Friday, June 3. A way cool 7″ vinyl single version limited to 500 copies is delayed like so many other things right now and will […]