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Great Forgotten Records: Teitur – “Poetry & Aeroplanes”

Take a listen to one of my favorite records, the 2003 debut from Teitur, a singer-songwriter from the Faroe Islands who writes and sings in English. This is a beautiful Pop record with songs both simple and wonderfully arranged by producer Ruppert Hine. I hope that you like this one. Please LIKE, SUBSCRIBE and SHARE!

Great Forgotten Records: McGuiness Flint

Like Americana music? Then you will just love this 1970 LP from British band McGuiness Flint. PLEASE LIKE, SHARE AND SUBSCRIBE

Great Forgotten Records: The Sinceros – “Pet Rock”

Yes, there were some bad cheesy New Wave bands, back in the days. But, then there were great ones like England’s The Sinceros. Their second and final LP, “Pet Rock” is a bonafide Pop music delight. Watch me tell you about the band, sample a few cuts, and show you some cool collectible singles from […]

Great Forgotten Records: David Mead – “Indiana”

If you love great singer-songwriters with beautiful voices, then this record is for you. Give a listen to the magnificent 2004 LP “Indiana” by Nashville’s David Mead. I just can’t say enough about how much I have enjoyed this record over the years. If you are familiar with David’s work, you know what I’m talking […]

Great Forgotten Records: “Suburban Voodoo” – Paul Carrack

I sure hope that you were hip to this great 1982 LP by British singer and keyboardist Paul Carrack. On this record he was joined by his producer and band mate Nick Lowe and his fantastic Noise to Go. Together they were one of the best live bands around at the time and this record […]

Great Forgotten Records: “Evidence” – Boo Hewerdine & Darden Smith

Here’s a record that I just know you will love. It’s 1989’s unexpected one-off musical partnership from Texan Darden Smith and Brit Boo Hewerdine. “Evidence” is a great acoustic-based record full of great songs sung in a blend of pop and folk. Have a taste and check out what I have to say about it. […]

Great Forgotten Records: “High Society” – The Silver Seas

Here comes album #6 in my video playlist of great records that I want to make sure everyone gets to hear. This one is from my favorite band, The Silver Seas, one of Nashville’s greatest treasures. Listen and enjoy a record that in another musical era would have been a major smash. PLEASE LIKE, SHARE […]

Great Forgotten Records: Garland Jeffreys – “Ghost Writer”

Welcome to the fifth go-round of fave records of mine that you may not know about. Today I will show you a taste of the 1977 release by one of New York’s finest, the great Garland Jeffreys. So sit back and let’s all get “wild in the streets” with Garland. PLEASE LIKE, SHARE AND SUBSRIBE […]

Great Forgotten Records: “The Lost Weekend” – Danny & Dusty

Here goes with the fourth installment of great records that you may have missed, the 1985 “lightning in a bottle” release by Dan Stuart (Green on Red) and Steve Wynn (The Dream Syndicate). Grab some beers, sit back and enjoy this loose and fun collaboration. PLEASE LIKE, SHARE AND SUBSRIBEĀ 

Great Forgotten Records: Rank and File – “Sundown”

In the third installment of great records that you may have missed, let’s take a look at the 1982 LP from Rank and File’s debut LP “Sundown.” This Austin band were in the forefront of the Cowpunk movement and featured singing brothers Chip & Tony Kinman as well as Alejandro Escovedo on guitar. Watch and […]