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Great Forgotten Records – “1972” – Josh Rouse

Come with me and listen to the smooth Pop sounds of Mr. Josh Rouse on his great 2003 LP, “1972.” In some ways an ode to an era, there’s also some great grooving from his crack Music City band and this LP was produced to perfection by the one and only Mr. Brad Jones. If […]

Great Forgotten Records: Honeybus – “I Can’t Let Maggie Go”

Here’s one from 1967 that I didn’t even know about to forget in the first place. Let me tell you about how I discovered this great Beatlesque song and some of the “story” about the man and band behind it. And by all means – if you know more about Pete Dello and Honeybus please […]

Great Forgotten Records – “Close Personal Friend” – Robert Johnson

Here’s a great 1978 Power Pop LP from a somewhat mysterious guitar player from Memphis. Listen and love it like I do. And if you know more about this guy than I do, please share your info! PLEASE LIKE, SHARE AND SUBSCRIBE.

Great Forgotten Records: Katydids

If you like pure pop for now people, you will love this 1990 LP from this British band led by Susie Hug on vocals and Adam Seymour on guitar. This record was also one of the last produced by Mr. Nick Lowe. PLEASE LIKE, SHARE AND SUBSCRIBE

Great Forgotten Records – “June” – Swan Dive

Wow! I can’t believe that it’s been 20 years since this great release from the Nashville Pop duo of Bill DeMain and Molly Felder. Huge in Japan and Korea, Swan Dive is also special to anyone who has heard this record. This video will get you primed for the 20th Anniversary livestream performance of the […]

Great Forgotten Records – The Records

In England they called it “Shades in Bed” while in Amercia it was simply titled “The Records.” Well, whatever you call it, the debut LP from the British band The Records is a Power Pop masterpiece. And while there are a lot of us who haven’t forgotten this great record, it certainly deserves greater recognition […]

Great Forgotten Records: Teitur – “Poetry & Aeroplanes”

Take a listen to one of my favorite records, the 2003 debut from Teitur, a singer-songwriter from the Faroe Islands who writes and sings in English. This is a beautiful Pop record with songs both simple and wonderfully arranged by producer Ruppert Hine. I hope that you like this one. Please LIKE, SUBSCRIBE and SHARE!

Great Forgotten Records: McGuiness Flint

Like Americana music? Then you will just love this 1970 LP from British band McGuiness Flint. PLEASE LIKE, SHARE AND SUBSCRIBE

Great Forgotten Records: The Sinceros – “Pet Rock”

Yes, there were some bad cheesy New Wave bands, back in the days. But, then there were great ones like England’s The Sinceros. Their second and final LP, “Pet Rock” is a bonafide Pop music delight. Watch me tell you about the band, sample a few cuts, and show you some cool collectible singles from […]

Great Forgotten Records: David Mead – “Indiana”

If you love great singer-songwriters with beautiful voices, then this record is for you. Give a listen to the magnificent 2004 LP “Indiana” by Nashville’s David Mead. I just can’t say enough about how much I have enjoyed this record over the years. If you are familiar with David’s work, you know what I’m talking […]