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11 MORE Questions to a Nashville Musician: Jason Erie

I guess everything has a shelf life, including “11 Questions to a Nashville Musician.” Well, MCM’s come up with a way to give the members of this elite society a way to refresh their pages, answer a few new questions, and tell us what they have been up to. Our good friend Jason Erie gets […]

11 Questions to a Nashville Musician Who Moved Away: Molly Felder

Molly Felder with Henry After accidently stumbling into this “Who Moved Away” subset of 11 Questions, I decided that making some intentional requests might be fun. What a great way to hear about the old Nashville and catch up on what some folks who left town are up to. Why did I wait so long […]

11 Questions to a Nashville Musician: Adam Shoenfeld

Photo by Amy Westney Wow! After hearing the debut LP, “All the Birds Sing,” from in-demand Nashville guitarist, Adam Shoenfeld, your reaction will likely be the same as mine. Why did he wait so long to show us what he could do on his own?  Adam’s impressive resume includes time in the studio (Jason Aldean) […]

11 Questions to a Nashville Musician: Bern Kelly

Well, I’m a day or so late in telling you to head over to the OG Basement to see singer-songwriter Bern Kelly celebrate the release of his new single “Gotta Stay” on Underpass Records. So, I guess that you will just have to watch and listen to this lovely duet with Larissia Murphy here. (Bonus […]