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Steelism @ NashvilleDancin’-Riverfront Park / Nashville TN / July 3, 2014

When it gets right down to it, doesn’t everyone like good instrumental rock music? Even if you have never heard the songs before, there is a good chance that they will at least get your foot moving if not get all of you out to the dance floor. Well, my dancing days are over, but […]

ON THE ROAD: Forecastle Photo Journal—Day Three / Louisville, KY / July 20, 2014

Hot summer weather returned to Forecastle on its final day causing me  to take things slow and rest up for my major musical event of the decade—the return of The Replacements. My laid back afternoon consisted of checking out small samples of several artists in between taking in the air conditioned splendor of the VIP […]

ON THE ROAD: Forecastle Photo Journal—Day Two / Louisville, KY / July 19, 2014

It was a long and tiring but musically-satisfying second day at Forecastle. I got to see many great bands on a warmer but still pleasant day, including perhaps one of the best sets I have ever seen by anyone, anytime. My day started early with the tail end of an enjoyably fresh set from Hurray […]

ON THE ROAD: Forecastle Photo Journal—Day One / Louisville, KY / July 18, 2014

I am back in Louisville for my third consecutive year at the Forecastle Music Festival. A great lineup and unseasonably cool weather should make for a great weekend. As it turned out, I expected tonight to be the weakest night of the three. Nonetheless, my evening started and finished strong. Delayed by a construction-ridden downtown […]

Music City Landmarks #6—Grimey’s New and Preloved Music

  Location: 1604 8th Ave S, Nashville, TN 37203 In this digital age, everyone has heard how the record store has vanished—both the big chain stores and the small independents. Well, visit Nashville and you will see that is just not true. Here in Music City there are many who still prefer the better […]

Spoon @ Marathon Music Works / Nashville TN / May 8, 2014

Pondering over what to say about Spoon, it comes to mind that front man Brit Daniel is one of the coolest guys in rock. He seems to have it all together on stage and glides effortlessly through the set without a care in the world. He does so without any flash. remaining laid-back and suave. […]

CLASSIC CONCERT: The Pogues @ Liberty Lunch / Austin, TX / June 8, 1988

During my time living in Texas in the late 80s, I discovered new music from the pages of British weekly, New Musical Express. Most every Friday at lunchtime, I visited San Antonio’s Hogwild Records to pick up my NME, usually along with a generous selection of import singles that I discovered through its pages. I […]

World Party @ Third and Lindsley / Nashville TN / June 5, 2014

I discovered World Party when I had a “High Fidelity-moment” hearing their first record played at Austin’s Waterloo Records. While my initial attraction was a lead vocalist sounding like Mick Jagger, the more I listened, the more I liked their sound which turned out to be closer to the Beatles than the Stones. I bought […]

Don’t Miss Movie: The Identical

Tonight I saw a preview of a must-see Nashville-based movie. Called The Identical, it stars Ray Liotta, Ashley Judd, Seth Green, Joe Pantoliano and first-time actor Blake Rayne in the title role. Watch the trailer here. Liotta gives an amazing award-worthy performance, and the film features some fabulous original music that perfectly fits its surreal […]

Bebe Buell & the Nashville Aces @ The Basement / Nashville TN / July 1, 2014

Bebe Buell may have never been a rock star on her own, but in her lifetime she has hung around enough of them to know how to act, look, and even sing like one. With that said, I’d chalk up this early evening’s short and sweet showcase at Grimey’s Basement a success. At a free […]