Let’s be honest for a minute. Don’t all us Nashvillians need our Americana music to sometimes just rock a little harder? Well, despite what that great David Mead/Bill DeMain song “No One Roxx This Town No More” may say, one of the faces from the Elliston Place “Rock Block” days, Joe Blanton, is still rocking […]

I’ve surely been blessed by knowing Bill Lloyd since I moved to Nashville. As half of 90’s country hitmakers, Foster and Lloyd, today’s Americana community owes him a big debt of gratitude for making that genre what it is today. But, if you know Bill and have followed his now twenty-year plus solo career, its […]

Joel Timmons (center) pictured with Lovers Leap Joel Timmons doesn’t mess around when it comes to making music. Rivaling triple-threat Jack White, Timmons also has three working bands: Sol Driven Train, Sally & George and his current project, acoustic artisans, Lovers Leap. The Lovers Leap quartet is rounded out by his wife and partner in […]

Having grown up in Jersey, it pains me to think of all the times I could have seen Bruce Springsteen live before the September 1975 night when I was finally won over at The Bottom Line. However, none of my misses trouble me more than the one I made in 1974 when he played the […]

If I were a musician, would it bother me if people kept comparing my music to Tom Petty and Bruce Springsteen? Absolutely not! And in the case of Nashville’s Andrew Leahey who grew up in awe of these two artists, I’m sure he’s quite pleased to be mentioned in the same company. Andrew’s 2016 debut […]

Noted Nashville journalist, Craig Havighurst, wrote “If there were an East Nashville Music Hall of Fame, Amelia White would already be in it.” Who am I to disagree? Since 2000, Amelia has been a stalwart of the Americana music scene and one of Music City’s most beloved writers and performers. Amelia’s lucky seventh LP, “Rhythm […]

Labelled by its progenitor as a show that was meant to only play New York City, David Johansen first brought his musical alter ego, Buster Poindexter, to his city’s attention at Tramps. This 150-seat music club on 15th Street would later become a vital venue for larger shows after moving to a much bigger space […]