Here’s something new and certainly welcome to 11 Questions: somebody who used to live in Music City. The man in question who came and left is singer-songwriter Craig Gerdes who has recently released his debut LP “Smokin, Drinkin & Gamblin.” In fact, in one of the songs, “Red Neck Sonsabithces,” Gerdes lays it out plain […]

When a music buddy of mine sent me a link to Joshua Hedley’s “Mr. Jukebox,” I was just blown away listening to its simple but brilliant traditional swinging country style. I thought somebody found an old dusty record at a garage sale by a lost artist of the 50s or 60s that should have been […]

I don’t know how you could be a music fan in Nashville and not have come across Phil Madeira. Like his good friend Buddy Miller, Phil is just one of those guys who has his hands in a bit of everything. Madeira is quite well-known as a skilled multi-instrumentalist and treasured session-player and band member. […]

Yes, Tanya is the daughter of legendary outlaw country singer David Allan Coe. A noteworthy artist in his own right, he also wrote career-defining #1 hit songs for both Tanya Tucker and Johnny Paycheck. (You can look them up.) I say all this only so you don’t think that her name is a take-off on […]

Before the first note of the evening rang out, the answer to why I fall short of being a bigger fan of Aimee Mann’s music was best summed up by the singer-songwriter herself. Describing her songs as “slow, sad and depressing,” she hit the nail right on the head. I don’t do sad very well. […]

Yes, that is a Grammy that Chance McCoy is holding. Earned for Old Crow Medicine Show’s 2014 Best Folk Album, “Remedy,” it’s just another “pinch-me” moment in McCoy’s remarkable story. In 2012, the struggling-to-survive music teacher got the call of a lifetime, and since then has been a proud and respected member of the OCMS. […]

Getting to meet Rich Lynch was a bit like meeting myself. He’s a guy from New Jersey who moved to Nashville, loves pizza and music, and writes a local music blog. We also connected on our love for Springsteen along with our shared dismay about his expensive Broadway tickets. Rich has even expressed his feelings […]