Tyler James is one-half of the musical duo Escondido along with Jessica Maros. Working as writers, the two met in 2011 and two years later they made their critically-acclaimed debut album, “The Ghost of Escondido.” Against all odds, they recorded it in a single day and released it on their own Kill Canyon label. They […]

(photo by Holly J. Haroz) Here are 11 Questions and Answers from the fun-loving musical duo of Vanessa Olivarez and Elizabeth Elkins. Collectively, these storytelling songwriters call themselves Granville Automatic, a name taken from a 19th Century typewriter. After establishing themselves as successful working writers, (Sugarland, Wanda Jackson and Angaleena Presley), these ladies have been […]

Two of the freshest and funkiest sounding songs to come out of Music City thus far this year were the singles “High” and “Troublemaker” by Capitol Records groovester Devon Gilfillian. Using classic soul as his musical launching pad, Devon soars high with a modern sound that respectfully holds true to tradition. He is also one […]

After developing her musical talents as a multi-instrumentalist while just a young child, Madeleine Besson spent her early years touring the world on movie sets and theaters with her artistic parents. This all led up to her beautiful 2014 debut record, “Blossom” that she recorded in Europe after having developed her skills as a live […]

Watching the weather during the week gave great promise that this year’s fourth annual Pilgrimage Festival would not be as brutally hot as the past two years had been. It wasn’t until late in the week that the talk of any rain crept into the forecast. Little did anyone suspect that this threat of a […]

So, Americanafest is over and it’s time to get back to some of the other great new music in town. What happens when two hard rockers move down from Indiana to Nashville and meet two like-minded bar band veterans who came up from Alabama? You get Fine Lines, a solid rock band with a smart […]

Americanafest 2018 experienced some of what that great American philosopher, Yogi Berra, once referred to as “déjà vu all over again.” Just like last year, Jason Isbell won the Best Song and Album awards, and the artist everyone wanted to see perform was John Prine. Last year, Prine and an all-star band including his friend […]