Beyond Belief–The Elvis Costello Fanzine

Beyond Belief #1 – February 1995

Beyond Belief #5 – February 1996

Beyond Belief #7 – August 1996

BeyondBelief #8-9 – December 1996

Beyond Belief #11 – June 1997

Beyond Belief #12 – September 1997

Beyond Belief #13-14 – December 1997

Beyond Belief #15 – March 1998

Beyond Belief #16 – June 1998

Beyond Belief #17 – October 1998

Beyond Belief #20-21 – Spring 1999

BeyondBelief #24-25 – Spring 2000


Here is how to purchase original printed copies of the fanzine.

Beyond Belief—The Elvis Costello Fanzine

Beyond Belief was an important and authoritative EC fanzine that published 28 issues between 1995 and 2001. This is a set of all remaining issues directly from the publisher and includes all but the sold out issues #2, 3, 4 and 11. I will however include color photocopies of these three missing issues.

BB issues

BB featured all original material by the biggest and most knowledgeable EC fans. The issues covered current events as well as looks back on EC’s earlier career. They also include many original photos and interviews.

Each order also comes with seven full color Collector Cards (pictured below) of EC live in concert.

BB Cards

The above set is available (USA only) for $24.99 plus $7.50 in postage through PayPal c/o  Rest of world please inquire regarding postage.

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  2. VINCENT TYRELL · · Reply

    Mike, I have been given your details by a fellow E.C. fan in the UK, Nick Ratcliffe. I was wondering if you have any hard copies of B.B. left that I could purchase for you please? Many thanks,

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