Photo by @bryanhiglesias Music City’s self-proclaimed “Dive Bar Soul Artist” is singer-songwriter Phillip-Michael Scales. Phillip was recently Nashville radio station Lightning 100’s “Local Artist of the Week,” and he has also released a fine new single called “Find A Way.”  Scale’s soulful vocal riding over a swirling Indie Rock sound make this a sure-fire radio-friendly song […]

Now that his latest LP “Reunions” has entered the universe, here is a look at the seven LPs Nashville-based singer-songwriter Jason Isbell has released since departing from the Drive-By Truckers. Stick around to the end, and I will also show you some great live recordings that he and his fabulous band, the 400 Unit, have […]

Now here’s something to do that you’ll be glad you did. Give a long and repeated listen to “Midday,” the third record from Nick Pagliari, his first in over a decade. A native Tennessean who hails from the left side of our state, Nick brings some sweet Memphis soul to the EPs lead-off track “The […]

Nashville’s Josh Preston fills out the three legs of his stool spending time as a musician, producer and a visual artist. His latest project was producing the “Conversations” LP for Adam Burrows on Josh’s own label, Me and the Machine Records. As you will read, Josh learned the music biz from one if its legends […]

After running through my fave record releases of the fabulous year of 1978, I realized that the next year of 1979 may have been my second favorite year ever for music. So, here are 10 albums from that year that spent a lot of time on my turntable back then and still do today. It […]

I just love it when 11 Questions introduces me to some great new music that I might have otherwise missed and gives me the chance to share it with others. Well, one of the snappiest and freshest-sounding songs I’ve heard so far this year is the title track to singer-songwriter Tai Shan’s “Travelling Show” LP. […]

It’s time to look at “The Classic Years” of Sir Elton Hercules John. This label comes from the name of the fantastic CD remastering of his catalog from 1969 to 1975. I have taken the liberty of going one LP further concluding with his “Blue Moves” record which marked the end of the first phase […]