I have never let it be a secret that I’m not a big Patterson Hood fan. Nothing personal, but I have just never connected with his songwriting style nor his vocals as front man for the Drive-By Truckers. On the other hand, the music of his former bandmate Jason Isbell fits me a glove. So […]

Serious rock music fans never let go of a band they love, and it doesn’t take much to bring out their total geekdom. Such was the case the other night in Music City when the local R.E.M. faithful got to let their geek flags fly, enjoying perhaps the most exciting live music moment in the […]

“Brit” Billy Bragg and “Yank” Joe Henry, have recently collaborated on one of the most unique and interesting musical projects in recent memory. Modernizing the concept of “field recordings,” Bragg and Henry used several American railroad stations as their “fields.” Their exploits travelling and recording at the stops along Amtrak’s Texas Eagle railway route from […]

Despite my disdain for outdoor shed shows filled with easily disinterested classic rock fans, I just could not pass up the opportunity of seeing Cheap Trick. After all these years, their music still sounds fresh and vital. And, as a performing live band, they still have their chops. Also, unlike many other 70’s bands, they […]

Has it really been three years since the last Silver Seas show? Criminally, it is true that Music City’s best-ever pop band last played on this same Basement stage to celebrate its last release, Alaska, on August 31, 2013. Well, for no good reason, the band got back together when someone in the band made […]

Was it Sunday church, the Titans’ football game, or maybe just the ridiculous heat that lessened the early crowd at the second day of the second annual Pilgrimage Festival? With not a single cloud in the sky, my guess is that it was Mr. Sunshine and the 90-degree heat that made many choose a late […]

The second annual Pilgrimage Festival kicked off on an early fall date that was way hotter than anyone would have ever expected. There was also some buzz about whether scheduling it the same week as Nashville’s annual Americana Festival was such a good idea. But, at the end of the day, neither issue seemed to […]