Time for a refresh from another 11 Questions’ alumni. This one is courtesy of Jess Jocoy, a gifted singer-songwriter with one of Nashville’s loveliest voices. Jess has recently released her sophomore full-length LP “Let There Be No Despair” recorded at Cabin Studios here in Music City with co-producer Brandon Bell and a cast of East […]

Well, here is a fascinating read from another local artist who is keeping the flame of solid traditional Country music alive in the honky-tonks of Nashville’s Lower Broadway. Thank you, Allison Asarch, for showing those crowds of tourists and the local fans you have made how it is still done here!  Allison recently took some […]

The Kill Rock Stars label, home for so much great-sounding stuff dating back to the wild ‘90s, will be releasing “Selene” b/w “Juna” by the Nashville-based band Roanoke digitally on Friday, June 3. A way cool 7″ vinyl single version limited to 500 copies is delayed like so many other things right now and will […]

Say what you want to say about the current state of Nashville’s Lower Broadway, but all the commercialism and rowdiness could never destroy the charm of Tootsie’s Orchid Lounge. The magic and history of that room still lives on today in the likes of Indie-Americana singer/songwriter Sarah Mae Chilton who currently plays there on a […]

Nashville performing singer-songwriter Carrie Cunningham has recently released a new LP titled “Showgirl.” Watch the video for “Doors Don’t Close,” directed by Nate Terry, which is nominated for Music Video of the Year at the upcoming 8th Annual Josie Music Awards to be held on October 23 at the Grand Ole Opry House. Carrie’s music […]

In the musical melting pot of Music City, artists arrive to both give and take to the always evolving Nashville sound. Marta Polombo is a “giver” whose background brings with her a sophisticated style that is easy to embrace and certainly of influence.  Check out the lovely lyric video for “Raining in Paris.” In addition […]

When discussing his recent single “If I’m Gonna Stay,” Music City newcomer Sam Varga gets right to the point: “It’s about me taking inventory of a life half lived and mislead and trying to get it back on course, asking the question what is life going to look like into adulthood and in the music industry.” […]

Photo by Ashtin Page I believe that the odds are strongly in favor that you will love every one of the Indie-Pop gems on Music City singer-songwriter Brontë Fall’s recent EP “Winter,” her third studio project. Bronte has crafted some scintillating lyrics and musical arrangements and sings with a voice so captivating that once through […]

Dallas Ugly are Libby Weitnauer, Eli Broxham and Owen Burton, and this fairly-new-to-Nashville trio has just released their debut LP “Watch Me Learn.” Listen here to the lovely title track from the new record. With soft vocals atop traditional acoustic Country instrumentation, the trio creates a gentle and introspective Lo-Fi Americana vibe that sounds as […]

Photo by Fairlight Hubbard Nashville singer-songwriter Ali Sperry has recently released an LP called “In Front of Us.” Working in her new home studio, the record was produced by her husband, Jamie Dick, whose debut effort as a producer was nothing less than outstanding. This record creates a sonically delightful mood with Ali’s gorgeous gentle […]