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Ranking Records: The 10 Best Records of 1971

Oh my gosh! What another great year for music that again makes a list difficult to put together. But anyways, here’s what I liked from 1971. Again, this comes from my personal taste more than it does critical worthiness! As always, please tell me what records you enjoyed from this year. PLEASE LIKE, SHARE AND […]

Ranking Records: The Clash

It’s time to take a quick look at the six studio LPs released by “The Only Band That Matters,” England’s The Clash. I suspect that most of us will agree with what’s on top and what’s on the bottom! As always, tell me what you think and how you would rank these records. PLEASE LIKE, […]

Ranking Records: Dave Edmunds

Here’s a walk through the solo recording carrer of the great Welsh singer, guitarist and producer, Mr. Dave Edmunds. Best known for his work with Rockpile, have a watch and see what he’s done both before and after. If you are an Edmunds fan like me, please tell me how you’d rank them. And remember, […]

Ranking Records: The 10 Best LPs of 1986

Now here’s a look at my ten fave records from 1986. Surprisingly, this list came together quite quickly for me. Please tell me what your faves were from this great year in music. Did you too feel the emergence of Americana that year? Thanks for your support and please LIKE, SHARE and most importantly, SUBCRIBE […]

Ranking Records: The 10 Best Records of 1972

Well, when I started to look at my favorite records for 1972, I had no idea just how many records I loved from that year. In the end, I whittled my list down to 20, so please bear with me through this extended look at this amazing year in music. As always, please tell me […]

Ranking Records: Prefab Sprout

Well, I got myself in trouble when I chose Prefab Sprout’s Steve McQueen (UK) / Two Wheels Good (US) as my pick for my favorite LP of 1985. My gushing over this record led to a few requests for me to rank their entire catalog. Given how much I love this band, this was no easy task. And […]

Ranking Records: The 10 Best LPs of 1985

Looking over the releases from 1985, I had some clear favorites but soon realized that I was probably being a bit contrary to what was popular that year. Nonetheless, I really liked all 10 that I picked. Have a watch and hear my stories, then tell me what your choices are from 1985. Thanks for […]

The Ten Best Rock Autobiographies

Well, maybe they aren’t the ten best, but they are ones that I really enjoyed and think you too should read if you are a Rock music fan like me. As always, let me know what you think. There are some surprises in here! Please LIKE, SUBSCRIBE and SHARE!

Ranking Records: The 10 Best LPs of 1973

When I started looking over the record releases from 1973, I was gobsmacked about how many great records came out that year. But once I got to looking over my initial list of possible candidates, picking out my top ten came quickly since they each were records that I spent a lot of time with […]

Ranking Records: Fountains of Wayne

This may by far be the toughest ranking I’ve had to do. FOW has made five great studio LPs and I’m more here to make sure that you give a listen to each and every one of them. Also be sure to see my summary of all the Proper Nouns you can find in their […]