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An Elvis Costello Tour of London: Part Two “Studios & Stiff”

Two years ago, in 2015, I started what I hoped would become a regular Friday ritual during my annual business trip to London. Sadly, last year didn’t happen, but I was more than eager to get back on track again this year. The plan this time was to seek out the recording studios where Elvis […]

An Elvis Costello Tour of London: Part One “The Factory Tour”

Like with any major city, a trip to the great city of London can be greatly enhanced by taking a guided tour. They come in all genres, and rock music fans have several general ones to choose from as well as some specific to The Beatles. In all likelihood, I doubt that there will ever […]

McCartney & MacManus: The Songwriting Partnership by Dave Farr

This piece originally appeared in Beyond Belief #4 back in November 1995. By the time it was officially announced that Elvis Costello and Paul McCartney were collaborating on songs, the two had been working together sporadically for several months.  Paul had been recording the rock and roll oldies album which would become Choba B CCCP […]

BEYOND BELIEF: Rusty–A Duo with Declan in 1972: An Interview with Allan Mayes

This interview originally appeared in Beyond Belief #8 back in December 1996. “I used to do a gig in Liverpool. Me and my partner used to play this “lonely-hearts club” ‘cause it was the worst gig you could possibly have. Early in the evening, all the ladies sat on one side of the room and […]

BEYOND BELIEF: “No Stranger to this House” – Elvis Joins George Jones for Nashville Taping of Ricky Skaggs Monday Night Concerts

This article originally appeared in Beyond Belief #11 back in June 1997. R.I.P Possum! It’s not often in life that one gets a second chance at making amends for a less-than successful attempt at a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Not unless of course you are Elvis Costello. In 1983, a possible combination of stage fright and a […]