Singer-songwriter Griffin House is a Nashville mainstay who over the years has become a highly-respected nationally-known recording artist. He did this the good old-fashioned way by touring the country as an opener for some bigger names and creating a strong catalog of original songs.   House releases “Rising Star,” his 12th LP on June 28. […]

I doubt that anyone knows who coined the term “Nashville guitar pull,” but the concept of songwriters getting together and taking turns showing off their wares has been going on in Music City longer than hot chicken. Now an established concert format, it’s a treasured part of Nashville’s musical identity with several rooms featuring “writers […]

It can be difficult sometimes to give new music the attention it deserves. However, I promise you that will not be the case when you give a listen to Gabe Lee’s debut LP, “farmland.” Named for the Nashville studio where it was recorded, here’s a live version of the LP’s leadoff track, “Alright, Ok.”  This […]

Did you ever know after just about 15 seconds of listening that you were going to absolutely love a record? Well, that’s what happened after I pushed play and heard the opening track “Honey” on Bambi Lee Savage’s upcoming indie LP “Berlin-Nashville Express.” Little did I know that this remarkable record of twangy guitar and […]

I went out on a limb with this 11 Questions with someone who said that although they didn’t live here, they felt like they did and planned on moving here soon. Well, after listening to the finely-crafted narrative songwriting of American artist Michael Braunfeld, I’m sure glad I did. And after reading his answers, I’m […]

Photo by Runa Creative Co. Zach Vinson releases his latest and fourth solo LP, “And Yet,” on April 26. (Hey that’s today!) It features his two recent singles, “Hold My Son” and “Our Love is Whatever.” The former laments a failing America while the latter a failing love. Both are set sonically to Vinson’s lavishly […]

Nashville indie singer-songwriter artist Luisa Lopez produced, recorded and played all the instruments on her sophomore album “45” which she releases on May 31. You can hear buy her latest single from the upcoming record “Nothing Left” right now. The title “45” is a nod to her age, our President and those small round pieces of vinyl through […]