11 More Questions to a Nashville Musician: David Newbould

David Newbould - MORE

Rocking Americana artist David Newbould’s return visit to “11 Questions” coincides with the recent release of his fourth full-length LP “Power Up!”. Recorded during the prickly pandemic, the record was cut in a makeshift basement studio in producer Scot Sax’s Music City home.

A record you just won’t be able to put aside, Newbould adds a musical artistry to his recordings that make him much more than your typical singer-songwriter. Contrast the musical mayhem of the title track to the sensitive and sincere narrative of “Home Depot Glasses.” Can I nominate both right now for Americana Song of the Year?

Well, so much for missing David’s LP release show, but I’m staying on the prowl to see him play live here as often as possible. And, if you and me are lucky, we can see the softer side of David Newbould in the round at the Bluebird Café on Wednesday, August 3 at 6PM. (Grab your tix online at 8am sharp on July 27.) Thanks, David, for bringing your questions total to 22 and for making one of Nashville’s best records of ’22.

PS: I agree—bring on the breakfast tacos and make mine a potato and egg!


What have you been doing since your first “11 Questions” interview?

Oh, not much. Well wait…raising my son, making a new album, building a studio, dealing with a pandemic. Other than that, not much.

Anything you said in your last interview that you now want to change?

Lemme look, hold on. I would add John Prine to the Nashville Walk of Fame, and Dee’s Country Cocktail Lounge to my list of places I like to play.

Tell us something you love and something you hate about the “New” Nashville.

I love that you can get a good cup of coffee without having to drive far now, but I hate that you have to pay six bucks for it. I love being part of a community of musicians and so forth, but I hate that when I cross the river it’s Disneyland. I love being part of a community of great songwriters, but I hate that almost none of them get paid for writing said badass songs. I love that the food has gotten better, but I hate that breakfast tacos haven’t made it here yet.

What was the most recent record you bought, where did you get it, and what format was it?

Laney Jones’ Stories Up High at Vinyl Taps on vinyl.

What was the most recent live show that you saw?

Daniel Romano with Carson McHone. Incredible.

What Nashville musician are you currently jealous of?

Jealous? I’m gonna call an executive audible and use the words “overwhelmingly inspired by.” I’m “overwhelmingly inspired by” the way Leroy Powell plays guitar. I’m “overwhelmingly inspired by” the way Aaron Lee Tasjan connects with so many people all by being extremely himself. I’m “overwhelmingly inspired by” Scot Sax having dual passions (music and video) and always finding immersive work with it. And I’m jealous of my son Henry, who’s seven and plays the organ and loves Bach, and who has a whole lifetime ahead of him to cultivate his passions.

What is your favorite new music venue in town and which one that’s gone do you miss the most?

I saw that Daniel Romano/Carson McHone show at The Blue Room and I have to say I dug the hell out of it. The venue I truly miss is The Building. Douglas Corner as well. I was also sad Radio Cafe mach II didn’t last. A lot of the venues I’ve always liked are still here: 5 Spot, 3rd and Lindsley, Dee’s.

What do you listen to in the car?

Thin Lizzy albums a lot of the time. And podcasts.

Tell us the last TV show that you binge-watched.

Better Call Saul. Unless we’re counting Get Back.

What do you really think of Nashville hot chicken?

Never tried it.

Finally, like I asked you last time, what’s in your musical future?

The most immediate thing in my musical future was my album release show at Dee’s back on June 10! We had Stephie James and her band open up and then a bunch of guests came to play with us – folks like Jace Everett, BooRay, Laney Jones, Jon Byrd, Hannah Fairlight, PJ The Bear. It was a good time and also was my birthday.

Beyond that, I built a little studio during COVID and keep recording new songs, so those will come out at some point. I’m also starting to record some other artists in there and dabbling with something approaching producing. And we’re building out the calendar so I can get on the road and play this new album for people. Last time you asked, I also talked about hoping to go to Europe. It looks like I’ll finally be going in Sept/Oct. I have some dates on the books which will be posted on my website very soon. I’ll going over solo and following up with a band next year. It will be hard being away from my wife and little one, but it’s still pretty exciting.

Thanks again for the questions, Mike!


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