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ON THE ROAD: Ginger Baker’s Jazz Confusion: Iridium / New York NY / October 10, 2013 (Late Show)

Jack Bruce once said that he “lived in England and Ginger Baker lived in South Africa, but that wasn’t far enough!” After seeing the recent documentary about the notorious Cream drummer, Beware of Mr. Baker, I knew exactly what Bruce meant. So much so that I attended one of Baker’s recent sets at one of […]

Blondie: Ryman Auditorium / Nashville TN / September 30, 2013

Back in my New Jersey college days, I asked a friend what his friend Gary (Lachman) was up to. “He’s playing bass with some chick named Blondie,” he answered. I replied, “I didn’t know Gary played bass.”   My friend simply replied, “He doesn’t!” Well, Gary eventually learned how and became Gary Valentine. Despite writing Blondie’s […]

Mavis Staples: War Memorial Auditorium / Nashville TN / September 25, 2013

Thinking back about my youth, I plead guilty to foolishly narrowing my musical tastes. By the time I reached my late teens, I graduated from Top Forty AM radio to the hipper, rock sounds found on the FM dial. But, for many years I just got stuck there. In doing so, I had no respect […]

Music City Landmarks #4—Roy Acuff and Minnie Pearl Statues

Location: Ryman Auditorium Lobby (116 5th Avenue North) The Ryman is not just one of the world’s most famous music venues. It also is a museum of country music history. The upstairs balcony proudly exhibits a rotating collection of memorabilia from the Ryman’s days as home of the Grand Ole Opry. The hallway entrance to […]