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Ranking Records—The Ramones

Wow! This was a tough but fun one for me to get through. The Ramones were a band that I initially had zero interest in, but eventually learned to love. This oversight sure cost me the chance to see a lot of live shows back in the day, although I did see this one at […]

Ranking Records—The 10 Best LPs of 1975

Wow! This may have been the easiest year for me to pick my ten favorite albums. Truly a stellar year for rock music, the year 1975 also produced three LPs that appear on “My 10 Fave LPs” list, including my favorite LP of all time. Please support my Music City Mike YouTube page by clicking […]

Ranking Records—The 10 Best LPs of 1976

Continuing on with recapping years, here is a look back at another amazing one in rock music history. It’s hard to believe that this was 44 years ago! These are my favorites from back then and would love to hear what yours were. Please support my Music City Mike YouTube page by clicking the “Like” […]

Ranking Records—The 10 Best LPs of 1977

Here’s a look at the records I loved most back in 1977, a year that most of us will remember as when Punk Rock first started to come to vinyl. Again, for me it was hard to overlook some of the great work released by some of my favorite artists. Nonetheless, there may be some […]

Ranking Records—The Byrds

If you are a current fan of Americana music, I hope that you have taken some time to get to know the music of The Byrds. Undoubtedly one of the most influential American bands of all time, their legacy includes being pioneers of what was later labeled as Folk Rock, Psychedelic Rock and Country Rock. […]

Ranking Records—The 10 Best LPs of 1981

After starting with 1978, the best year ever for rock music, I stumbled a bit when I got to 1981 and had trouble coming up with ten records that I truly loved. After quickly deciding on an easy top eight, I wound up selecting three lesser-loved disks to fill out the list. My choice for […]

Ranking Records—Aztec Camera/Roddy Frame

If you are unfamiliar with the music of the Scottish singer-songwriter Roddy Frame and his band Aztec Camera, this one’s for you. For those who are already fans, you know what I am talking about. The six albums Roddy recorded under the Aztec Camera name and his four subsequent solo records belong in everyone’s collection. […]

Ranking Records—The 10 Best LPs of 1980

After covering my two favorite years in music, 1978 and 1979, by request I am continuing in sequence with 1980. But, if I knew I was going to go in order, I probably would have started with an earlier year! I guess at some point I may just need to work my way backwards. The […]

Ranking Records—Jason Isbell

Now that his latest LP “Reunions” has entered the universe, here is a look at the seven LPs Nashville-based singer-songwriter Jason Isbell has released since departing from the Drive-By Truckers. Stick around to the end, and I will also show you some great live recordings that he and his fabulous band, the 400 Unit, have […]

Ranking Records—The 10 Best LPs of 1979

After running through my fave record releases of the fabulous year of 1978, I realized that the next year of 1979 may have been my second favorite year ever for music. So, here are 10 albums from that year that spent a lot of time on my turntable back then and still do today. It […]