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Ranking Records—10 Bands We Have Learned to Dislike

One thing we serious music fans love to do is be snobs and not like the bands everyone else likes. However, in some cases, we used to like those bands but have since changed our mind. Often, we even go so far as to even no longer claim to like the music that we once […]

Ranking Records—Big Star

They came out of Memphis in the 70s and although they didn’t sell many records, Big Star influenced more bands than you can shake a stick at. In the process, they created two masterful works of Power Pop and a “third” somewhat experimental record that many musicians worship. I will take you through these three […]

Ranking Records—Sex Pistols

In this special edition of Ranking Records, I take a look at the studio LP output by those notorious punk rock icons, the Sex Pistols. Please keep the day in mind, and I hope you like my Johnny Rotten impersonation at the end. Don’t forget to hit those “Like” and “Subscribe” buttons on YouTube and […]

Ranking Records—10 Great Live Albums 1975-80

It’s been fun during this mess of a time we are having to listen to live LPs. Here’s a selection of ten great ones recorded and released between 1975-80. Forgive me but I’m gonna just cover these in chronological order. Thanks for your support and please be sure to press those “Like” and “Subscribe” buttons […]

Ranking Records: Gram Parsons

Here I look at the recording career of one of my favorite artists of all-time, the late great Gram Parsons. “GP” helped launch the Country Rock movement with what he called “Cosmic American Music.” I will walk through his early days with the International Submarine Band, The Byrds, The Flying Burrito Brother and his solo […]

Ranking Records—Steely Dan

Although it can easily be said that Steely Dan never put out a bad album, here’s how I wound rank the nine studio LPs from the genius of Donald Fagan and Walter Becker. In addition, I will supply you with some tidbits of knowledge about rare tracks should you find yourself longing to be a […]

Ranking Records—Classic Live LPs of Classic Rock

In this round of Ranking Records, I take a break away from covering just one particular artist or band and look at ten great live LPs from the “classic rock” era. Giving it the time frame from the breakup of The Beatles to the forming of The Sex Pistols, it’s a look back to when […]

Ranking Records: The Band

It’s time to take a looking at the catalog of The Band. Led by the songwriting genius of Robbie Robertson, this quintet features three of rock’s greatest vocalists, the late Band members, Levon Helm, Rick Danko and Richard Manual. And least we not forget the keyboard wizardry of Garth Hudson to round out the group. […]

Ranking Records: The Beatles’ “Core 13” Studio LPs

In this lucky #7 installment of Ranking Records, I take on the ridiculous task of lining up in the order of my liking, the fabulous studio records of the greatest musical group of all time. Released over a six-year period, these are the thirteen UK studio LPs from the Fab Four that Beatles’ scientists have […]

Ranking Records: Poco

For this sixth installment of Ranking Records, we turn to the Country Rock genre and visit the catalog of the band Poco when Richie Furay was a member. One of my all-time favorite bands both live and on record, it was tough to rank these six LPs, but I gave it a shot anyway. Hope […]