Ranking Records: Prefab Sprout

Well, I got myself in trouble when I chose Prefab Sprout’s Steve McQueen (UK) / Two Wheels Good (US) as my pick for my favorite LP of 1985. My gushing over this record led to a few requests for me to rank their entire catalog. Given how much I love this band, this was no easy task. And after spending the time to listen to each of the ten Sprout albums twice (or more in some cases), I gave it my best shot it. In the end I came up with the ranking of my liking, but felt that I struggled  a bit in the area of providing sufficent insight why. Maybe that’s because I could listen to Paddy MacAloon’s voice and beautiful Pop arrangements endelessly without tiring. 

So, give it a watch, and if you are a Sprout fan, I’m interetested to hear how you’d rank them. If you are not yet a lover of some of the best Pop music ever made, it’s time for you to get started.


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