Ranking Records: Dave Edmunds

Here’s a walk through the solo recording carrer of the great Welsh singer, guitarist and producer, Mr. Dave Edmunds. Best known for his work with Rockpile, have a watch and see what he’s done both before and after. If you are an Edmunds fan like me, please tell me how you’d rank them. And remember, they are all good, but it’s fun to pick our faves.



  1. Roger Eriksson · · Reply

    Very good ranking, Mike, my favorite album is “Get It”, and the song “Ju Ju Man” was written by Jim Ford. I think it was Nick Lowe’s suggestion to record that song. Brinsley Schwarz tried to record an album with Jim Ford when he came to England 1971, but he was impossible to work with.
    Thanks for a great program, and your excellent taste in music!
    I love to see you ranking the amazing Los Lobos albums.

    Roger – Sweden

    1. Yes – how dd I forget that Jim Ford wrote that. I love his “Harlan County” LP. I’m sure I will look at The Wolves records eventually since I to am a huge fan.

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