Richard Lloyd @ The Basement / Nashville TN / November 20, 2016

dscn6426In late 2013 and early 2014, I got a second chance in life when I finally got to see the great late-70s New York-based band, Television, not once, but twice. The band I saw in Athens, GA and Nashville, contained three of the four original members. Missing was lead guitarist Richard Lloyd who had parted ways, and has been replaced during the band’s history of scattered reunion shows. While Lloyd’s replacement in Television was able to do justice to his guitar parts, I now feel complete having gotten this rare chance to see Lloyd himself play a fabulous show, and for a few brief moments, relive some of his Television glory.

Since the demise of Television, Richard Lloyd has continued to work in the biz producing a few fine solo records, touring occasionally and producing some younger bands. On this Saturday night at the Basement, he fronted a quartet that played selections from his catalog plus four songs from what he referred to as “my old band.”

With tousled hair and a winkled shirt, Lloyd looked like he had just woken up. His stage presence had the looks of a cranky indifference. He said little, smiled less, pretty much just sticking to the business at hand of leading his band through an energized set.

dscn6405While not necessarily a singer by trade, he held his own, even when covering the vocals of his former Television bandmate, Tom Verlaine. But as expected, it was his work with his Fenders that carried the evening. Working his way through his solo catalog, he showed us that he is clearly an artist in his own right.

Seeing Lloyd apart from Television I would have never thought how much he alone could capture that band’s musical magic. But his trip back in time was more than just formidable. In fact, his guitar excursion during “Marquee Moon” was a sublime “pinch-me” moment.

dscn6399The set was short, coming in at just over an hour. In fact, there was some confusion about whether or not there would be an encore. However, Lloyd managed to summon the band back to the stage and the soundman back to the board, and he closed with “Something Remains,” a single he released just last year.


  1. The Word
  2. I’m Waiting for the Man (Velvet Underground cover)
  3. Crystal Mountain
  4. I Thought You Wanted to Know
  5. Amnesia
  6. Swipe It
  7. Elevation (Television song)
  8. Pleading
  9. Monkey
  10. Marquee Moon (Television song)
  11. See No Evil (Television song)
  12. Glurp
  13. Secret Words
  14. Friction (Television song)
  15. Wicked Son
  16. Field of Fire
  17. Something Remains

Richard Lloyd—Lead Guitar
Jason NeSmith—Guitar

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