Television @ Exit/In / Nashville, TN / March 31, 2014


This past November, I travelled to Athens, GA to see Television, a band I once thought I would never get to see live. Well, lightning struck twice. I got to see them play again here in Music City after their appearance at the Big Ears Festival in Knoxville. Just three days prior to the Nashville show, the venue was changed from the Marathon Music Works to the smaller Exit/In—disappointing for the band I’m sure, but great for seeing them in the smaller room.


Rather than giving you a blow-by-blow, I will defer to the spot-on review at the Nashville Cream blog site. As a matter of reference, I will point out that the set list was identical to the Athens show except for a change in the running order.


The reaction of my 24-year-old son seeing Television is worth noting: “It’s like Mozart in a four-piece rock band.” I couldn’t agree more and would not be surprised that if 250 years from now, bands will be recreating Tom Verlaine’s classic work. He is a guitar genius, and his current foil Jimmy Rip is a guitar master. Together, they produce music that is unique and timeless.


It looks like Television is continuing to tour sporadically throughout the U.S., so see them if you can. You will tell your grandkids about it someday!


  1. 1880 or So
  2. Prove it
  3. Elevation
  4. Glory
  5. Torn Curtain
  6. Venus
  7. Little Johnny Jewel
  8. See No Evil
  9. Persia (unreleased)
  10. I’m Gonna Find You (unreleased)
  11. Marquee Moon
  12. Guiding Light
  13. Psychotic Reaction (Count Five cover)


Tom Verlaine–Vocals and Guitar
Fred Smith–Bass
Billy Ficca–Drums
Jimmy Rip–Guitar

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