Patterson Hood @ City Winery / Nashville TN / August 4, 2016

dscn4313I have never let it be a secret that I’m not a big Patterson Hood fan. Nothing personal, but I have just never connected with his songwriting style nor his vocals as front man for the Drive-By Truckers. On the other hand, the music of his former bandmate Jason Isbell fits me a glove.

dscn4336So why did I go to see the opening night of his recent mini-solo tour at Nashville’s City Winery? Well, he’s on the list of artists that everyone thinks I should like, so I thought I’d give him another chance. This would however be my first time seeing him solo.

dscn4342So, what did I think? Well, he’s not the world’s greatest singer, and he’s a sloppy guitar player. But he is an engaging performer and a good songwriter. However, lyrically I don’t find his songs as interesting or as well-crafted as those of Isbell.

Hood’s set was mostly Truckers songs including three from their upcoming new record. He did only a few of his solo numbers and threw in an Eddie Hinton cover in homage to his Muscle Shoals roots. Sadly, just before the show, he learned that his Dad, David Hood, a legendary Shoals bass player, had the misfortune of falling and breaking his wrist while touring in Europe with The Waterboys.

dscn4343There was no opening act, and the house surprisingly wasn’t full. As a result, we got home early, and I drove home feeling no different about Hood’s music. It just doesn’t click for me.


  1. Demonic Possession (DBT song)
  2. Daddy Needs a Drink (DBT song)
  3. Two Daughters and a Beautiful Wife (DBT song)
  4. Hanging On (DBT song)
  5. The Righteous Path (DBT song)
  6. This Fucking Job (DBT song)
  7. Sink Hole (DBT song)
  8. Old Timer’s Disease
  9. Ever South (new DBT song)
  10. Everybody Needs Love (Eddie Hinton cover)
  11. Guns of Umpqua (new DBT song)
  12. The Fourth Night of My Drinking (DBT song)
  13. Heathens (DBT song – dedicated to Jason Isbell)
  14. When the Sun Don’t Shine (new DBT song)
  15. Uncle Disney
  16. The Opening Act (DBT song)
  17. What it Means (new DBT song)
  18. The Living Bubba (DBT song)
  19. Heat Lightning Rumbles in the Distance
  20. Granddaddy
  21. Back of a Bible
  22. Bulldozers and Dirt (DBT song)


Patterson Hood – Vocals and Acoustic Guitar

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