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Ranking Records: Elvis Costello

Having seen this type of video surface across YouTube, I thought I would have some fun myself. I know that there will be a lot of disagreement with my choices, but that’s the fun of it, isn’t it? Please keep in mind that this is quick and off the cuff. And like I say in […]

An Elvis Costello Tour of London: Part Two “Studios & Stiff”

Two years ago, in 2015, I started what I hoped would become a regular Friday ritual during my annual business trip to London. Sadly, last year didn’t happen, but I was more than eager to get back on track again this year. The plan this time was to seek out the recording studios where Elvis […]

R.I.P.: Allen Toussaint

Yesterday’s passing of Allen Toussaint was especially sad after having just read much about this classy gentlemen and musical genius in Elvis Costello’s new memoir, Unfaithful Music and Disappearing Ink. While Allen’s name first hit my musical radar as a result of his work with The Band, it was his Costello connection through their 2006 […]

Elvis Costello & the Imposters: Ascend Amphitheater / Nashville TN / August 8, 2015

I guess it was fitting that my first concert at Nashville’s newest outdoor music venue would be my favorite artist and the one whose 1987 concert (with the Confederates at Vanderbilt) caused me to make my first visit to Music City. It was also somewhat strange since aside from a 2007 unscheduled slot as a […]

ON THE ROAD: Elvis Costello: Cliffs Pavilion / Southend-on-Sea, England / June 4, 2015

For me, this show on EC’s UK Detour tour was a last minute, unplanned and unexpected adventure that was nearly derailed by a threatened train strike. But in the end, the hour’s journey east from London’s Fenchurch Street Station to the banks of the muddy North Sea led to a delightful evening of entertainment from […]

An Elvis Costello Tour of London: Part One “The Factory Tour”

Like with any major city, a trip to the great city of London can be greatly enhanced by taking a guided tour. They come in all genres, and rock music fans have several general ones to choose from as well as some specific to The Beatles. In all likelihood, I doubt that there will ever […]

Seth Timbs and Friends: McCartney/Costello Co-Writes Show @ The Basement / Nashville TN / April 17, 2015

In the late 80’s, two of the best pop songwriters ever to grace this planet got together to co-write songs. As far as collaborations went, one of them came to the table having been half of the greatest pop songwriting partnership of all time. The other had grown up as a huge fan of the […]

McCartney & MacManus: The Songwriting Partnership by Dave Farr

This piece originally appeared in Beyond Belief #4 back in November 1995. By the time it was officially announced that Elvis Costello and Paul McCartney were collaborating on songs, the two had been working together sporadically for several months.  Paul had been recording the rock and roll oldies album which would become Choba B CCCP […]

ON THE ROAD: Steve Nieve plays Elvis Costello @ City Winery / New York, NY / October 3, 2014

Is it odd for a musical performer to present an evening primarily focused on the music of another artist? Not if you have been an integral part of that artist’s career in the way that Steve Nieve has for Elvis Costello. On his brief tour of the US, this masterful keyboardist of Royal College of […]

R.I.P.: Joan Rivers

We sure will miss having Joan around. Here she is in 1984 filling-in for Johnny Carson on NBC’s The Tonight Show. She does a great interview with Elvis Costello in between some fine musical performances.