Ranking Records: Elvis Costello

Having seen this type of video surface across YouTube, I thought I would have some fun myself. I know that there will be a lot of disagreement with my choices, but that’s the fun of it, isn’t it? Please keep in mind that this is quick and off the cuff. And like I say in the video, it would be different if i did it tomorrow.

Let’s start with one of my two favorite artists of all-time, Mr. Elvis Costello, and his catalog of 29 studio albums. Let the comments roll!


  1. Jan Boneko · · Reply

    Hey Mike, I eben watched thru. And I habe a rather prominent letzter C as well in my collection, and yes, you can resort the list day after day, but my 0,02 $$ is I don’t think that MAIT should be in the top 5. All This Useless Beauty is far netter. And now it is time to listen to the storm building…

    Cheers for sharing!

    1. Thanks for your comments!

  2. dpannell666 · · Reply

    Hi Mike

    Great fun. Half the fun in these things is seeing the things one disagrees with. Here are mine:

    Ranked way too low:
    National Ransom at #24!! (You put this below Kojak Variety!! I’m stunned.)
    Get Happy!! (Should be number 1.)

    Ranked way too high:
    Goodbye Cruel World at #14!! (Elvis was right!)
    When I Was Cruel at #13!! (I’d swap it with National Ransom.)

    Thanks so much for doing these videos.


    1. Thanks for watching friend!

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