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11 Questions to a Nashville Musician: Eddie Heinzelman

Two things that I am thankful for are that Eddie Heinzelman made his way to Nashville and that I have finally discovered him. I get my leads for this space in all kinds of ways, and Eddie was brought to my attention by a friend who is one of his guitar students. Eddie is just […]

11 Questions to a Nashville Musician: Bella White

Now let’s not forget that Nashville still produces some of the best traditional Bluegrass music around. And the latest that you need to sit back and curl up to comes from young Bella White who has just released her debut LP, “Just Like Leaving” that she successfully Kickstarted. Listen to the smooth picking and singing […]

11 Questions to a Nashville Musician: Jennafer Lynsey

Photo by Jessica Ahrens Wow! In just a short time, Music City singer-songwriter Jennafer Lynsey’s new single “Click” has had over a quarter-million Spotify streams. Give this fun and fresh-sounding Pop Country tune a listen here! Earlier this year, Jennafer released her debut EP “Sensitive.” The records charts need be ready for this young lady […]

11 Questions to a Nashville Musician: Blount Floyd (Great Peacock)

Photo by Harrison Hudson (Blount Floyd in rear) If Americana / Southern Rock bands are your thing, then I’m sure you know about Music City-based Great Peacock. If not, it’s time to discover the hard-working trio of front man / guitarist Andrew Nelson, bass player Frank Keith IV, and today’s subject, guitarist / harmony vocalist […]

11 Questions to a Nashville Musician: The Danberrys

East Nashville musical duo, The Danberrys, have a new record out called “Shine” and it’s one any fan of “funky and folky” Americana music needs to hear. The Danberrys are Dorothy Daniel and Ben DeBerry who are married to each other and have made highly acclaimed music together since 2009. Give a watch and listen […]

11 Questions to a Nashville Musician: Grant-Lee Phillips

I was never interested in watching the “Gilmore Girls” TV series until my wife asked me if I knew who this singer playing the role of the town troubadour was. “Dang – that’s Grant-Lee Phillips” I said! I then proceeded to tell her all about this great singer and his band Grant Lee Buffalo. Well […]

11 Questions to a Nashville Musician: Eliot Bronson

Music City singer-songwriter Eliot Bronson has delivered one fine Americana-friendly record with “Empty Spaces.” This release on New Pain Records is Eliot’s fifth and after working with the master Dave Cobb on the last two, he instead co-produced his latest with bandmate Will Robertson. Recorded in live full-band performances, this is a record that speaks […]

11 Questions to a Nashville Musician: Dianne Davidson

Perigon Music will release Dianne Davidson’s “Perigon: Fill Circle” this Friday, August 28, 2020. It’s her sixth release, and her first new recording in more than three decades. “Perigon: Full Circle:” was co-produced by Davidson and Larry Chaney and recorded at Sun Dog Studio here in Nashville. This record comes quickly off the heals of “1974,” […]

11 Questions to a Nashville Musician: Trae Sheehan

Photo by Misty Sheehan Trae Sheehan will soon release his third full-length album, “Postcards from the Country” on Half Moon Records. You can watch and feel the loneliness he sings about in the video to its first single, “To Be Alone” right here. Trae is a storytelling songwriter at heart who writes songs packed with emotion. He says […]

11 Questions to a Nashville Musician: The Love-In (Laurel Sorenson)

In this golden age of Americana music (not that there is anything wrong with that), it is refreshing to hear that Nashville has not forgotten how to rock. For some real-time evidence, go give some repeated listens to “As it Lays,” the new single from East Nashvillians The Love-In and get recharged right now! The […]