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11 Questions to a Nashville Musician: Eric Brace

On February 1, local label Red Beet Records released “Riverland,” the second LP from the musical trio of Eric Brace, Peter Cooper & Thomm Jutz. This conceptual collection of songs about the Magnolia state of Mississippi was self-produced by the trio and recorded here at Thomm Jutz’s Mt. Juliet studio. It’s a delightful mood-setting storytelling […]

11 Questions to a Nashville Musician: David Grier

On March 29, master flatpick-guitarist David Grier releases “Ways of the World,” a new record cut with some of his-fellow best players in town. Along with guest vocalists Andrea Zonn, Tim O’Brien and Maura O’Connell, David also sings on record for the first time on five new original songs. By far one of the most-respected […]

11 Questions to a Nashville Musician: Tony Lucca

On March 29, singer-songwriter Tony Lucca will add to his catalog with the release of his new Americana-flavored album, “Ain’t No Storm.” The record was recorded and produced by one-time Uncle Tupelo/Wilco drummer Ken Coomer at his Nashville studio and features many familiar local players.  Tony took a little different path then most before finding […]

11 Questions to a Nashville Musician: Kyle Daniel

Back in April, Rolling Stone magazine included Kyle Daniel in its list of “10 Country Artists You Need to Know” along with our friend Andrew Leahey.  Daniel’s 2018 self-titled debut EP was a killer and later made Rolling Stone’s list of 2018’s Top Ten EPs. I bet it also had guys like Chris Stapleton and […]

11 Questions to a Nashville Musician: Jason Ringenberg

Photo by Gregg Roth It is an incredible honor to have Jason Ringenberg participate in 11 Questions. The impact that this man has had on melding the worlds of Rock and Country music is undeniable. In a just world, his band Jason & the Scorchers would be in both the Rock and Country Music Halls […]

11 Questions to a Nashville Musician: Ellen Starski

In May 2018, Ellen Starski released her debut record, “The Days When Peonies Prayed for the Ants.” The album’s rather mysterious title is a nod to the symbiotic relationship between peony flowers and ants, who rely on one another for growth. Ellen’s record is a mood-setter with a sophisticated style beyond simple categorization. Her gentle […]

11 Questions to a Nashville Musician: David Mead

Photo by Heidi Ross Except for the one I got from the nephew of the King of Nigeria, the best e-mail I received last week was the one with the exciting news that one of my all-time favorite singer-songwriters was back in business. David Mead has released his first solo record since 2011’s “Dudes.” We […]