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11 MORE Questions to a Nashville Musician: Jason Erie

I guess everything has a shelf life, including “11 Questions to a Nashville Musician.” Well, MCM’s come up with a way to give the members of this elite society a way to refresh their pages, answer a few new questions, and tell us what they have been up to. Our good friend Jason Erie gets […]

11 Questions to a Nashville Musician Who Moved Away: Molly Felder

Molly Felder with Henry After accidently stumbling into this “Who Moved Away” subset of 11 Questions, I decided that making some intentional requests might be fun. What a great way to hear about the old Nashville and catch up on what some folks who left town are up to. Why did I wait so long […]

11 Questions to a Nashville Musician: Adam Shoenfeld

Photo by Amy Westney Wow! After hearing the debut LP, “All the Birds Sing,” from in-demand Nashville guitarist, Adam Shoenfeld, your reaction will likely be the same as mine. Why did he wait so long to show us what he could do on his own?  Adam’s impressive resume includes time in the studio (Jason Aldean) […]

11 Questions to a Nashville Musician: Bern Kelly

Well, I’m a day or so late in telling you to head over to the OG Basement to see singer-songwriter Bern Kelly celebrate the release of his new single “Gotta Stay” on Underpass Records. So, I guess that you will just have to watch and listen to this lovely duet with Larissia Murphy here. (Bonus […]

11 Questions to a Nashville Musician: Dana Cooper

OMG! Did Dana Cooper say that in February he will be releasing his 30th LP? Wow, how quickly time flies and what a remarkable career this fantastic singer-songwriter has had. Dana was Americana before there was Americana!  Like me, Dana spent a bunch of time in Texas before coming to Tennessee and I remember many […]

11 Questions to a Nashville Musician: Kate Klim

“Something Green” is a new album “Kickstarted” by Nashville singer-songwriter Kate Klim that will drop on March 4. Since taking a break following the birth of her two sons, this is Kate’s first record since 2014’s “100 Million Years.” The 2010 Kerrville New Folk winner calls the upcoming LP “a collection of ten songs about […]

11 Questions to a Nashville Musician: Kevin Gordon

Photo by Jacob Blickenstaff This blog spot sees a lot of new local artists, and while there is certainly nothing wrong with that, it sure is nice every once and a while to feature an old favorite who I’ve yet to lure in. My latest is singer-songwriter Mr. Kevin Gordon who was been a solid […]

11 Questions to a Nashville Musician: Jesse Correll

Photo by Stacie Huckeba Looking to get lost inside some new silky-smooth music? Well, check out the lovely video for the ocean inspired “An Icy Cold,” and hear the tasty new single from Nashville’s Jesse Correll. The song is just a peek inside “Inner Shibori,” the fine new LP from the Nashville songsmith which comes […]

11 Questions to a Nashville Musician: Kristen Castro (Wild Heart Club)

Maybe sometimes we overdo it when we create musical sub-genres. However, I just have to say that the term Dream Pop sure fits the gorgeous music coming from the talented Kristen Castro in her debut release as Wild Heart Club. Give a listen to the title track of the new LP, “Arcade Back in Manitou” […]

11 Questions to a Nashville Musician: Hadley Kennary

Photo by Jason Lee Denton Nashville Indie-Pop artist, Hadley Kennary recently released a nifty five-song EP titled “Crooked Roots” that fans of fun songwriter-pop will love. Check out “Orbit” and see what I’m talking about. And after you like that one, check out her back catalog which you will equally enjoy. Maybe you saw Hadley […]