Ranking Records—The 10 Best LPs of 1980

After covering my two favorite years in music, 1978 and 1979, by request I am continuing in sequence with 1980. But, if I knew I was going to go in order, I probably would have started with an earlier year! I guess at some point I may just need to work my way backwards.

The year 1980 was a transition year for me since I moved from the NYC area to South Texas where new music was hard to follow. However, I did the best I could and looking back, there were quite a few great albums that I learned to love that year. There was also no choice in that I had to repeat some of my fave artists from 1978 and 1979 since the three albums you will find at the top of my list are classics. I’ve also added a #11 to make mention of a fine debut LP from 1980 that you may have overlooked.

What did you like from 1980?

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  1. Thanks again Mike. Great fun to revisit these albums. “Get Happy!!” is at the top of my 1980 list. Second favourite album of all time, actually. That Ramones album would not be anywhere near my top 10! Others I would include are “The Correct Use of Soap” by Magazine, “The Commercial Album” by The Residents, and “True Colours” by Split Enz. If you do 1981, I’ll be looking out for “Discipline” by King Crimson.

  2. Respectful choices my friend! Thanks for watching.

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