Molly Tuttle @ Grimey’s New & Preloved Music / Nashville TN / April 30, 2019

IMG_1511Lately, the musical in-stores at Grimey’s just never seem to stop, and one that I surely did not want to miss was the recent midweek visit by Molly Tuttle. There to celebrate the release of her new LP, “When You’re Ready,” Molly visited the East Nashville record shop sharing the stage with just her acoustic guitar and fiddler Christian Sedelmyer from the musical duo 10 String Symphony.

Having previously been captivated by Molly and her guitar virtuosity last October when she opened for Jason Isbell at the Ryman, it was quite the experience to this time watch her fretwork from just a few feet away. In case you didn’t know, in 2017, Molly was the first woman to ever win the IBMA’s Guitar Player of the Year Award, a feat she repeated in 2018. She was also the 2018 Americana Instrumentalist of the Year. Watching her work the guitar, I sure can see why.

But, Molly isn’t just all about pickin’ and the new record includes some of the best Americana tunes to come out of Music City this year. My personal favorites of her 6pm set were the closing number, “Light Came in (Power Went Out),” and “Million Miles,” a song that on the record she shares vocals with Mr. Isbell.

IMG_1505“Million Miles” is a great song with a great story behind it, and Molly filled us all in. Like just about everyone else in Music City, she has worked with Steve Poltz. (On both his and her latest records.) With Poltz, his long hair and cowboy hat just a mere guitar pick toss away from her, Tuttle told how the song was an unfinished one that Poltz and his friend Jewel had abandoned decades ago. The story gets very “Poltzy” after that.

DSCN1393Molly and Steve finished it and loved what they had done together. The final step of getting Jewel’s approval hadn’t come in time so Poltz “lied” so that Molly could safely it on the record. Poltz later comically fessed up to the truth when he and Molly later shared a stage together to play the song. Concluding with the fact that Jewel later gave her okay once her cell phone sabbatical ended, the real truth behind this may have been embellished by Poltz’s comedic license. Regardless, “Million Miles” is one song I urge you to take the time to hear as well as the rest of Molly Tuttle’s great new LP.


  1. Take the Journey
  2. Sit Back and Watch it Roll
  3. Million Miles
  4. Messed with My Mind
  5. [Swedish fiddle tune]
  6. Sleepwalking
  7. Light Came in (Power Went Out)

Molly Tuttle – Vocals and Acoustic Guitar
Christian Sedelmyer – Fiddle

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