11 Questions to a Nashville Musician: Lindsay Lou

Lindsay LouThe season has just changed in Music City, and I think I have found this year’s summer song. Singer-songwriter Lindsay Lou’s latest single “Ready” is an upbeat soulful and funky tune that’ll keep me bouncing along the highway during the hot days ahead. “Ready” is Lindsay’s second double-sided single released this year following 2018’s “Southland” which was her fourth long-player.

Bluegrass musician David Grier says that Lindsay “sings the way you would want to if’n you could.” I second that notion that hers is a voice that you won’t forget.

Thanks LL for joining in on the 11 Questions experience. Sorry that we are late for your recent hometown show at the High Watt. But, best wishes as you and the band hit the road and see you back in Music City soon.


Where are you from originally, when did you move to Nashville and why?

I was born in Butler, MO where my family was living while my dad worked as a machinist in the coal mines. I grew up in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan (Iron Mountain/Kingsford), and I moved to Nashville in January of 2015 to be immersed in the Music City culture. Also, because our bass player already was living here.

What are the first and the last records you bought, and where did you buy them? Were they CD, vinyl or digital?

I’m pretty sure the first was the Hanson CD with “MMMbop.” I had Alanis Morsette’s Jagged Little Pill CD before that, but I think my brother bought it and I commandeered it. The last piece of audio media I bought was the Milk Carton Kids new album on vinyl.

First and last live concerts that you’ve seen?

The first concert I went to on my own accord, as in I wasn’t brought to it by my parents or some relative, was Anti Flag in Chicago. Common Rider opened. I was 15 years old, and my friend’s brother drove us.

Whose star should be added to the Music City Walk of Fame?

Linda Ronstadt and/or Bonnie Raitt

Where do you go in Nashville for coffee and pizza?

Dose and Five Points.

What’s your favorite record to ever come out of Nashville?

I decidedly don’t have favorites, and I don’t actually know where all the records I love were recorded, so I can’t answer this one.

Where’s the best place to eat late night after a show?

Five Points or Dino’s.

The Bluebird calls and asks you to host an “In the Round.” Pick three local songwriters to join you.

Maya de Vitry, Lillie Mae and Rachael Davis.

What are your favorite music venues to play in town?

The Station Inn and The High Watt. Hopefully someday I can add the Ryman to this list!

Name a musician who you’d like to see move here?

May Erlewine.

Finally, what’s in your musical future?

Only time will tell. Follow us on Spotify and/or social media for new music as it comes out. New A side/B was released on June 7, 2019. Thanks for your support! ♥️




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