Ruston Kelly @ City Winery / Nashville TN / July 11, 2015

DSCN5621For as much as I love live music, you would think that I would have more patience with listening to an unknown opening act. (See my previous views on the subject.) But, as I am now suffering from OA (“old age”), it often is a struggle for me to pay attention to most new music in the live setting.

It was a night of celebratory entertainment with some friends to see a headliner in whom I had little interest. Sitting in the back of the room, this unknown singer-songwriter for an opener had little, if any, chance to catch my restless ear and wandering mind. But, halfway through Ruston Kelly’s first song, something started to click and it suddenly hit me: what if this was ten years ago and I was listening to a young Jason Isbell for the first time?

So I locked in with my eyes and ears in and was quickly caught up by this young singer-songwriter’s brilliant narrative writing style.

DSCN5622Yet to have recorded his first record, Kelly has however hit some pay dirt with a song he co-wrote entitled “Nashville Without You” that Tim McGraw recorded. Here’s a recent video of Kelly singing this marvelous song. Give it a listen.

For now, Rushton only has available Bootleg Series, a six-song self-made CDR that he sold at the show. It’s been non-stop in my car CD player.

I think this guy is definitely someone to watch out for.

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