The Long Players: Dylan/Cash and the Nashville Cats @ Country Music Hall of Fame / Nashville TN / July 7, 2015 – Here are the Cats!

Nashville cats, play clean as country water
Nashville cats, play wild as mountain dew
Nashville cats, been playin’ since they’s babies
Nashville cats, get work before they’re two
Lyrics from “Nashville Cats” by John Sebastian

Here are some of the “Cats” who appeared at this great show with The Long Players.

Al Kooper

Al KooperCharlie Daniels

Charlie DanielsCharlie McCoy

Charlie McCoyRon Cornelius

Don CorneilusMac Gayden and Wayne Moss

Mac Gayden and Wayne MossNorbert Putnam

Norbert PutnamDavid Briggs (not pictured)


You can find more info about this great show here.

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  1. Thanks for sharinng

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