Mike’s Playlists—Rock Anthems

Being a self-proclaimed music geek, my iPod is full of thematic playlists that I love to painstakingly spend hours creating with an aim for aural bliss. Here is one that will help get you going on your morning drive to work, or whenever you need a little jolt to the system.

These are ten great rock anthems. An anthem is defined as “a rousing or uplifting song identified with a particular group, body, or cause.”  I think you will find all of these sonically stimulating and covering a variety of topics that you may or may not be concerned about.

They are in no particular order other than I have always considered the first two to be my all-time favorite songs by my two favorite artists.

  1. Bruce Springsteen – “Born to Run”
  2. Elvis Costello & the Attractions – “(What’s So Funny ‘Bout) Peace, Love and Understanding
  3. The Who – “Won’t Get Fooled Again”
  4. New Radicals – “You Get What You Give”
  5. Mott the Hoople – “All the Young Dudes”
  6. The Replacements—“Bastards of Young”
  7. Thunderclap Newman—“Something in the Air”
  8. Todd Rundgren—“Just One Victory”
  9. The Hold Steady—“Sequestered in Memphis”
  10. Bob Dylan—“Like a Rolling Stone”

Have any others that you like?  Note them in the comment section below.

One comment

  1. Sympathy for the Devil or Bitch by the RS
    Get Back by the Beatles

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