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Billy Idol @ Ryman Auditorium / Nashville TN / September 18, 2015

What made me want to go see Billy Idol?  Besides his handful of catchy hits that used to forever blare off my MTV, two things came to mind. First, his cameo in The Wedding Singer gave me the impression that he was a likable guy. But more so I focused on the fact that he […]

Ryan Adams & the Shining: Ryman Auditorium / Nashville TN / April 28, 2015

The question on my mind about seeing Ryan Adams again live was which one would show up: the snarky seemingly disinterested one or the engaging and exciting one. Having experienced the un-pleasure and pleasure of each, yours truly left the Mother Church this night a happy man—in fact I don’t think I listened to anything […]

Jason Isbell and the 400 Unit @ Ryman Auditorium / Nashville TN / October 24-26, 2014

Jason Isbell has been on one hell of a ride since June 2013, when he released his fourth solo LP, Southeastern. In between touring the world to promote the record with his crack 400 Unit, Isbell has taken in beaucoup accolades for having produced perhaps the best singer-songwriter album of this young century. The praise […]

Beck @ Ryman Auditorium / Nashville TN / July 14, 2014

L.A.’s loss was Nashville’s gain. It seems that the closing of his favorite studio led Beck to write and record his latest record in Nashville. It’s a safe assumption that this migration influenced his long overdue return to the Music City concert stage. The L.A. native had not played here since a 2006 show at […]

Steely Dan @ Ryman Auditorium / Nashville TN / August 1, 2014

I learned to love Steely Dan through the influence of Robert Christgau’s short clever record reviews in the Village Voice. So enamored with their work, they seemingly became his standard to judge everything else by. (FYI: The Christgau Record Guide rates the first four Steely Dan LPs all in the “A” category.) I started with […]

Elvis Costello: Ryman Auditorium / Nashville TN / June 21, 2014

Having seen Elvis Costello struggle vocally the night before in Knoxville, right from the opening lines of the night’s first song, “Jack of All Parades,” it was obvious that he had fully recovered. He continued to sing brilliantly the entire night contributing to an overall entertaining performance. Nashville fans also got to hear eight songs […]

Morrissey: Ryman Auditorium / Nashville TN / May 28, 2014

I totally let the music of Morrissey–both solo and with his earlier band The Smiths–slip by me. The somber sounds and depressing lyrics never interested me.  Curiosity recently got the better of me, so I decided to listen (via greatest hits records of both) and later attend Morrissey’s show at the Ryman. Despite being twice […]