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CLASSIC CONCERT: Emerson, Lake & Palmer @ Madison Square Garden / New York, NY / December 17, 1973

I suspect that everyone my age may have had a progressive (“prog”) rock phase. The radio, New York City’s WNEW-FM in my case, had a big role in that. In the pre-punk and new wave days of the early 70s, DJs like Alison Steele, had no shame in playing the big prog-rockers of the day: […]

R.I.P.: David Bowie

I don’t consider myself a huge Bowie fan. Although I have and love most of his records, I just didn’t follow his career as closely as I probably should have. However, it’s hard to let the news of his recent passing go without comment. What I have been saying is that it’s hard to imagine […]

Forty Years Ago: Elton John & John Lennon @ Madison Square Garden / New York, NY / November 28, 1974

Elton John was huge in 1974—about as popular and successful as a recording artist could be. Back then, I was an 18-year-old college student who was also in heavy training to become a music geek. This preoccupation often led to pontificating with friends about where we thought Elton ranked with the stature attained by The […]

CLASSIC CONCERT: Bob Dylan & the Band @ Madison Square Garden / New York, NY / January 31, 1974 @ 4:00PM

  Bob Dylan’s 1974 tour ended a self-imposed, eight-year absence from the road. His much-heralded return was even more special because he chose to bring along his best-known backing band. Formerly known as The Hawks, his supporting players had since become stars in their own right as The Band. It was a given that this […]