R.I.P.: David Bowie

I don’t consider myself a huge Bowie fan. Although I have and love most of his records, I just didn’t follow his career as closely as I probably should have. However, it’s hard to let the news of his recent passing go without comment.

What I have been saying is that it’s hard to imagine a world without David Bowie—just like it recently was for me with Lou Reed. They both were so iconic and unique in their artistry and what they represented to our culture.

Late last year, I saw Nashville’s Long Players musical collective play the Ziggy Stardust record in its entirety followed by an encore of Bowie hits. I was as floored then as I am right now as listen to his Rykodisc greatest hits collection. What an amazing body of work he has left us with.

I am however quite thankful that at least I got to see him live twice: Diamond Dogs at Madison Square Garden in 1974 and Serious Moonlight in Austin in 1983. But, I keep asking myself “Why did I not see him more?”

Here are some relics from those shows I did see. At the bottom is a free program given out at the 1974 show. Some knucklehead recently listed it on eBay for $10,000–it’s now down to $87 if you are interested!

Bowie - MSG 74Bowie - Austin (1)Bowie - MSGBowie - MSG 2

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