11 Questions to a Nashville Musician: Cristina Vane

Christina Vane (Photo by Oceana Colgan)Photo by Oceana Colgan

If you like your traditional Bluegrass dipped into a bit of the Blues, then the music of songwriter, singer, slide guitar and clawhammer banjo player Cristina Vane is right for you. Give a listen to “Prayer for the Blind” to hear what I’m saying. This track comes from her debut LP “Nowhere Sounds Lovely” out on April 2. The record was produced by noted Nashvillian and Grammy-award winning drummer Cactus Moser (Highway 101 and Wynonna Judd).

If you can’t wait, you can download “The Magnolia Sessions,” an intimate live session recently recorded outdoors here in Music City. It’s a preciously raw and beautiful capture of Cristina playing acoustic and alone.

Thanks go out to Cristina for visiting 11 Questions. Here’s hoping that things will clear up in time for a proper local show in connection with the album’s release.

Where are you from originally, when did you move to Nashville and why?

I was born in Italy, grew up mostly in Paris and landed in Nashville via New Jersey and California. I moved to Nashville to get closer to the traditions of musicianship in the genres that I had fallen in love with: Delta Blues, Old Time and Bluegrass, and Country music. Many of my musical idols came out of the South, and I wanted to get close to the sources that could teach me how to truly delve into these while respecting and learning their history.

What are the first and the last records you bought, and where did you buy them? Were they CD, vinyl or digital?

My first CD that I can remember being obsessed with is Alanis Morrissette’s, Jagged Little Pill. The first CD I remember choosing was Blink 182’s Enema of the State. The last record I bought was Lester Flatt’s “Country Boy,” and I think I found that at either Vinyl Tap or Grimey’s.

First and last live concerts that you’ve seen?

The first concert I ever went to was probably when my parents took me to see B.B. King on one of his last tours, while I was living in Paris. The first concert I begged to go to was Deep Purple, and the last show I saw was my own, playing Acme Feed & Seed with my string band right before everything went into lockdown.

Whose star should be added to the Music City Walk of Fame?

Earl Scruggs and/or Lester Flatt.

Where do you go in Nashville for coffee and pizza?

I love Dose for my caffeine (I don’t actually drink coffee, so tea), and pizza is Five Points.

What’s your favorite record to ever come out of Nashville?

Hard to say, but Hank Williams did The Original Singles Collection in town, and I love me some Hank.

Where’s the best place to eat late night after a show?

I am very partial to Duke’s. Their veggie sandwich and a cookie. Nothing better.

The Bluebird calls and asks you to host an “In the Round.” Pick three local songwriters to join you.

I would ask Timbo, Tim Easton, and Hannah Juanita.

What are your favorite music venues to play in town?

I love playing Dee’s, and the Legion on a “Bluegrass Wednesday” is always a fun gig too. Acme was another venue that was fun and treated us well.

Name a musician who you’d like to see move here.

My old guitar teacher, Pete Steinberg.

Finally, what’s in your musical future?

Hopefully a lot of live gigs, bigger and better than ever!

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