Great Forgotten Records: Garland Jeffreys – “Ghost Writer”

Garland Jefferys - Ghost Writer

Welcome to the fifth go-round of fave records of mine that you may not know about. Today I will show you a taste of the 1977 release by one of New York’s finest, the great Garland Jeffreys. So sit back and let’s all get “wild in the streets” with Garland.



  1. Craig Bradley · · Reply

    Agreed Mike, that is a great record, thanks for digging it up. The quality of the recording is another highlight of the LP! I do pull that one out to show off my audio system. I remember seeing Garland in the audience of a Bob Marley concert at the Beacon in NYC- added to the excitement of the show.

    1. Thanks Craig. Garland is a treasure.

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