Ranking Records—The 10 Best LPs of 1977

Here’s a look at the records I loved most back in 1977, a year that most of us will remember as when Punk Rock first started to come to vinyl. Again, for me it was hard to overlook some of the great work released by some of my favorite artists. Nonetheless, there may be some here that you may have forgotten about or overlooked.

Tell me what you liked back in 1977 and please support the Music City Mike YouTube page by clicking those “Like” and “Subscribe” buttons below the video and sharing the link on your socials.

See you again soon and be sure to look back at my Ranking Records playlist for more videos if you liked this one.


  1. Just watched the youtube and made comment there. The ones you mention I know of I really like.

  2. Great blog and YouTube channel!

    I dig Steely Dan as well and think “Aja” is their best album. As you noted: No bad tune on that record. So that one definitely would be on my top 10 as well. Others include (in no particular order):
    – Pink Floyd/Animals
    – Fleetwood Mac/Rumours
    – The Beatles/The Beatles at the Hollywood Bowl – okay, stretching it here a bit, but simply couldn’t skip my favorite band of all time! 🙂
    – Johnny Winter/Nothin’ but the Blues
    – Lynyrd Skynyrd/Street Survivors
    – Neil Young/Decade – a compilation could also be viewed as cheating, but it’s just too great to leave out!
    – Santana/Moonflower
    – Eric Clapton/Slowhand
    – Jackson Browne/Running On Empty

    1. Thanks for following and mentioning some great LPs.

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