Ranking Records—The Byrds

If you are a current fan of Americana music, I hope that you have taken some time to get to know the music of The Byrds. Undoubtedly one of the most influential American bands of all time, their legacy includes being pioneers of what was later labeled as Folk Rock, Psychedelic Rock and Country Rock.

The original Byrds included the big names of McGuinn, Clark, Crosby and Hillman with Jim “Roger” McGuinn the only one who made his way through all 12 of the LPs in the Byrds’ catalog. Here’s a schematic of the line-up changes that the band went through, culminating with a reunion of the original lineup for one last Byrds record in 1973.

byrdsHere’s a link to one or two of my favorite songs from each Byrds album for you to enjoy.


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  1. badfinger20 (Max) · · Reply

    From the Beatles I got into the Byrds when I was around 12 in 79.

    I got to see Roger McGuinn at the Nashville Fairgrounds in1988 and I was hooked. He is one of my favorite guitar players. He doesn’t rip solos off like Hendrix but his style and his guitar licks are very tasteful.
    Clarence White was off the tracks. What a player he was…I liked the different phases of the Byrds. Love the Jangle period, Gram period, and also the Lover of the Bayou period…Skip Battin was a great bass player as well.

    Wow…you are the only person I’ve ever heard mention Tiffany Queen…love that song.

  2. hanspostcard · · Reply

    Great career review of an under-rated band. Now I want to get my Byrds CDs out again.

  3. hanspostcard · · Reply

    Agree on those Ultimate Music Guide- I get even the ones on artists I am not big on.

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