Ranking Records—The 10 Best LPs of 1978

I have always looked back on the year 1978 as my favorite year for music. To prove it, here’s a run through of my 10 favorite albums that were released that year. Maybe they are not critically the best nor necessarily diverse in style, but they are the ones that I appreciated the most. I also had the pleasure of seeing most of these bands live during that same year.

So, give the video a watch and let me know what records from 1978 would be on your list. That’s of course if you are old enough to remember one of music’s greatest years.

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  1. Hi Mike
    I totally agree – 1978 was an incredible year for music. In fact, I reckon the era of 1978-1980 was one of the two pinnacles for popular music (the other being 1965-1969). Your selection is fantastic, but in my top 10 I’d only keep This Year’s Model (at number 1). The rest of my top 10 would be Heroes (David Bowie), Real Life (Magazine), More Songs About Buildings and Food (Talking Heads), Black and White (The Stranglers), Chairs Missing (Wire), Go2 (XTC), Peter Gabriel (second self-titled album), Duck Stab (The Residents), and Tonic for the Troops (Boomtown Rats). Seems incredible that all of those extraordinary albums could be released in the same year. What on earth was going on then?

    1. Yes Dave – I was totally amazed about what else came out that year that I considered.

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