Ranking Records: The Beatles’ “Core 13” Studio LPs

In this lucky #7 installment of Ranking Records, I take on the ridiculous task of lining up in the order of my liking, the fabulous studio records of the greatest musical group of all time. Released over a six-year period, these are the thirteen UK studio LPs from the Fab Four that Beatles’ scientists have dubbed the “Core 13.”. In between, you will also hear some reminiscing about growing up during Beatlemania.

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  1. Hi Mike – really enjoyed this. My ranking is rather different in some ways, but still loved your comments. You might enjoy my ranking of all 155 Beatles and solo albums! http://www.pannelldiscussions.net/2018/01/beatles-albums-ranked/
    Also enjoyed recognising 2 1/2 Years by EC on the shelf behind you!

    1. Thanks old friend! Look forward to watching your video.

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