R.I.P.: John Wicks

John Wicks FBEven though I’ve already made my love for his band known in this space, this is just one loss that I couldn’t let go by without paying my respects. Last week (October 7), John Wicks, the lead singer, co-songwriter and rhythm guitarist of The Records passed away. Wicks had struggled with his health for several years, all while continuing to perform up until just recently.

An Englishman by birth, John had relocated to Los Angeles where he lived and kept The Records flame alive for many years after the original band called it a day. I had kept my hopes alive that I someday may get to hear him sing “Starry Eyes” just one more time, either on a chance trip to LA or better yet, if John responded to my occasional Facebook request that he come to Music City.

The Records are the best Power Pop band I have ever seen live. With bassist Phil Brown’s death in 2012, they are now half gone. I will always have great memories of seeing them live six times, and there is some great YouTube video that I can’t help but watching.

Here’s John’s last recorded effort which you can buy through his website.

John Wicks

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