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Great Forgotten Records – The Records

In England they called it “Shades in Bed” while in Amercia it was simply titled “The Records.” Well, whatever you call it, the debut LP from the British band The Records is a Power Pop masterpiece. And while there are a lot of us who haven’t forgotten this great record, it certainly deserves greater recognition […]

R.I.P.: John Wicks

Even though I’ve already made my love for his band known in this space, this is just one loss that I couldn’t let go by without paying my respects. Last week (October 7), John Wicks, the lead singer, co-songwriter and rhythm guitarist of The Records passed away. Wicks had struggled with his health for several […]

CLASSIC CONCERT: The Records @ The Bottom Line / New York, NY / September 7-8, 1979

If asked to get real specific about my favorite type of music, I guess I would say power pop: songs driven by distinctive guitar riffs with catchy hooks and harmonies, mostly sung by guys about girls. Some of the notable proponents of the genre were bands like The Raspberries, Big Star and Badfinger. Power pop […]