AMERICANAFEST: Richard Thompson @ Grimey’s New and Preloved Music / Nashville TN / September 13, 2018

IMG_0210When self-described “Folk-Rock Dinosaur” Richard Thompson commented on how “everybody famous” must have played here at Grimey’s, he was simply trying his best to humble himself in front of a room full of reverent fans. While Americanafest is more of a chance for the masses to discover new music, there are also appearances by legends like Thompson that a lot of us music fans just won’t miss.

Attending Thompson’s 6pm in-store at Nashville’s eminent record store was a no-brainer although an advance purchase of his new record (13 Rivers on New West) was required if you wanted to get a space in the crowded room from which you could actually see him. Fans started cueing up early, and the room got warm and the space got tight. Nonetheless, it was a pleasant 30-minute performance of six songs from his new record.

DSCN8574Apart from being humble, Thompson’s between song banter was full of his dry humor and his trademark deep gruff vocals were right on the mark. However, the real treat went to those who were able to watch his nimble fingers run up and down the fret of his acoustic guitar. I can attest to the fact that many in the room were there to watch their favorite guitarist.

It’s an honor to be in the same room with such a legend and Music City and Americanafest were sure blessed by his presence. In addition to playing a New West showcase at Third & Lindsley the next night, Thompson also found time to cut a track at Third Man’s pay-to-record booth. (You can watch here.)

DSCN8576Thanks Richard Thompson for the honor to both hear and meet you. We sure would love to see you in Music City as often as you can make it.

PS The Richard Thompson Electric Trio will be at Third & Lindsley on December 4.


  1. Trying
  2. The Rattle Within
  3. My Rock, My Rope
  4. Bones of Gilead
  5. The Storm Won’t Come
  6. Her Love Was Meant for Me

Richard Thompson – acoustic guitar and vocals


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