Charlie Worsham’s “Every Damn Monday” (Lynyrd Skynyrd Night) @ The Basement East / Nashville TN / July 9, 2018

DSCN7914This excellent recap of this show by Rolling Stone saves me from the need to describe the blow-by-blow. However, that won’t stop me from wanting to chime in on this unexpectedly amazing show that made me so proud to live in Music City. It also is a great testament to how The Basement East has become one of Nashville’s most vital venues—a place where once-in-a-lifetime events like this are happening.

Growing up in the Northeast, we frankly didn’t hear much Southern Rock on the radio, let alone live in concert. And, when tragedy struck Lynyrd Skynyrd in 1977, most of us up there were paying attention to The Sex Pistols, The Clash and Elvis Costello. But, over the years, I have certainly come to respect the band and better appreciate their songs. (This is despite poking some fun at their ever-changing line-up under the banner of “Rock Bands That May Never Die.”)

DSCN7924This night at the “Beast,” while the trio of blistering lead guitars was hard to beat as the evening’s highlight, the vocal performances were indeed all brilliant. Each singer sang with a clarity that got me to listen to every word and gain a greater appreciation for the lyrics that go along with Skynyrd’s music.

DSCN7918Here are some of my random observations about the Skynyrd segment of Every Damn Monday:

  • Isn’t Charlie Worsham one of the most likable artists in Nashville today? He just seems like a guy you’d want to have as your best friend, or at least in your band. For those unfamiliar with his music, he tilts more to the Country side of the Country/American dividing line, but not enough to gain any disrespect from either side.
  • This show wasn’t an easy thing to pull off, and the execution was flawless. As a music fan, I really appreciate the hard work that went into preparing for this one-time 80-minute performance. There was no sheet music or lyric crib sheets in sight—everybody did their homework and got a passing grade.
  • Minor complaint #1–When I see a tribute show, I prefer to see guys sing guy vocals and ladies to sing lady vocals. No offense taken to Ashley Ray’s take on “Sweet Home Alabama,” but I just enjoy hearing things sound as original as can be.
  • Minor Complaint #2—It’s was OK to let the audience start singing “Free Bird,” and it was a beautiful moment. However, in these cases, I love when the lead singer goes back and starts over from the beginning to give us the complete song experience.

So, thanks Charlie for doing these fantastic shows for the second year in a row. All four shows benefit his “Follow Your Heart Scholarship Fund” to provide financial support to youths from his hometown of Grenada, MS who dream of a career in the arts. Please consider donating here.


  1. I Know a Little (Sadler Vaden)
  2. You Got That Right (Charlie Worsham & Sadler Vaden)
  3. Workin’ for MCA (Will Hoge)
  4. The Ballad of Curtis Loew (Kendell Marvel)
  5. Saturday Night Special (Michael Hobby)
  6. I Ain’t the One (Chris Hennessee)
  7. Simple Man (Randy Houser)
  8. Call Me the Breeze (Ward Davis)
  9. Tuesday’s Gone (TJ Osbourne)
  10. Sweet Home Alabama (Ashley Ray & the Honkettes)
  11. Free Bird (Chris Hennessee & All)


Charlie Worsham—Electric Guitar
Sadler Vaden—Electric Guitar
John Osbourne—Electric Guitar
Tucker Wilson—Drums
Matt Utterback—Bass
Billy Justineau—Keyboards
Peter Keys—Keyboards (#8)

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