The Silver Seas @ The Basement / Nashville TN / September 28, 2016

dscn5264Has it really been three years since the last Silver Seas show? Criminally, it is true that Music City’s best-ever pop band last played on this same Basement stage to celebrate its last release, Alaska, on August 31, 2013.

Well, for no good reason, the band got back together when someone in the band made the suggestion, knowing that the night’s headliner, Republican Hair, lacked an opening act. Fortunately, everyone was on board, including occasional guest guitarist for the Seas, Jonathan Trebing, who became the latest in a long line of bass players for the band. Another occasional Sea, singer-songwriter Madi Diaz also showed up to add her lovely backing vocals on one number.

rh-ss-show-posterAdvertised that the Seas would start at 7pm sharp, they only missed it by 5 minutes. And with only 30-minutes allotted, lead singer and guitarist Daniel Tashian did his best to keep things moving. Leaving out his usual between song banter, they got to business and managed to work in 9 of their best-known songs in the half-hour time slot.

The song collection was entirely a walk down memory lane: one song from their 2004 debut record, Starry Gazey Pie, five from its 2007 follow-up¸ High Society and three from 2010’s Chateau Revenge!. There was nothing from Alaska or any new songs. (Note the band did release three spiffy new digital tracks on ITunes at the end of last year.)

dscn5273I could say that they were a little rusty (only an hour of rehearsal is what I heard), but what does it matter. The songs all sounded fresh and wonderful. If anything was missing, it may have been Mike Grimes at the soundboard. A big fan of this band of his friends, he seems to know how to best capture their sound.

And speaking of Grimey, if it wasn’t for him, yours truly may have missed this show, since the set was a last minute add that stayed under most radar. But, thankfully I didn’t, and my faith in the survival of great pop music has been renewed. Three years is too long to have not seen this great band play live. There’s talk of a new record so hopefully this is just the start of things to come.


  1. The Best Things in Life
  2. Jane
  3. She is Gone
  4. It’s Only Gravity
  5. What’s the Drawback?
  6. The Country Life
  7. Imaginary Girl
  8. We’ll Go Walking
  9. Catch Yer Own Train

Daniel Tashian—Vocals and Electric Guitar Jason Lehning—Keyboards
David Gehrke—Drums and Backing Vocals
Jonathan Trebing— Bass
Madi Diaz—Backing Vocals on “Jane”

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  1. plantswoman · · Reply

    Agree! This is one of the best (and tightest) local bands—and the U.K. embraces them with devotion!

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