Seven Things I Want to Tell the Boss after Seeing the River Tour: Bruce Springsteen / Yum Center / Louisville, KY / February 21, 2016

DSCN1716After travelling up the road from Music City to Louisville to see a River Tour show, here are a few things I’d like to tell Bruce.

What you are doing is incredible!

The fact that you are performing The River album in its entirety 35-years after its release is remarkable. This is analogous to hearing one of the top albums of 1945 back when The River came out in 1980. These would have been by Nat King Cole, Bing Crosby, or Glenn Miller who were all dead in 1980.

DSCN1754You don’t have to play so long anymore?

You are 66 freaking years old and still play 3 ½ hours shows.  You could probably cut this in half, and we wouldn’t complain. Just don’t wear yourself out, and know that we too get tired at your shows. I’d rather see you tour another 20 years instead!

DSCN1760I like the smaller band.

Trimming down to ten was a great idea. On the last few tours there was sometimes way too much noise coming from the stage. Even this time out, there were times that Nils or Steve didn’t seem to be doing much. Same with having both Patti and Suzie on stage. While we love everyone in the band, please don’t be afraid to tour with less if you have to—I think it’d be just fine.

DSCN1773Take good care of Max.

I love the Mighty Max. But he’s getting old like everyone else, and 3 ½ hours behind the drum kit has to be a real work out for him. Maybe he can work in shifts with his son Jay?

DSCN1775We love Jake Clemons.

His playing and stage presence are awesome. Good call to not pressure him in the spotlight of his uncle’s former spot on the stage.

DSCN1774Thanks for not discussing politics this time out.

I go to concerts for music, not speeches. I appreciate you not using the stage to endorse a candidate. This election is crazy enough as it is, and it was nice to catch a break.

DSCN1770Finally, drop “Shout” from the set list.

I always love the closing oldie cover. However, “Twist & Shout,” “Raise Your Hand,” “Quarter to Three,” or the “Detroit Medley” are all so much better than this one that just never seems to gather momentum.

DSCN1718Thanks Bruce, and I look forward to whatever comes next in your glorious career.

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