Music City Landmarks #8—Gruhn Guitars

Gruhn Guitars - building - RESIZE

Location: 2120 8th Ave. South, Nashville, TN 37204

Like Hatch Show Print, another Nashville institution that recently moved off Lower Broadway is Gruhn Guitars, one of the world’s most famous guitar stores. Story goes that owner and renowned guitar expert George Gruhn just couldn’t take it any more watching drunken downtown partiers come off the street and handle his rare vintage guitars. (Skyrocketing downtown real estate prices may have factored in as well!)

Gruhn Guitars - oinside 2 - RESIZE

So while Lower Broadway continues to reign as home of the touristy honky tonks, Gruhn Guitars now resides in a large complex on burgeoning 8th Avenue South, just a few blocks from Grimey’s record shop. It remains the place to go if you are looking to buy or sell a good guitar in Music City. Gruhn also sell amps, strings, etc. as well as some nifty souvenirs.

Gruhn Guitars - oinside - RESIZE

The showrooms at Gruhn are heaven for the serious guitar, banjo or mandolin player. Sober enthusiasts are more than welcome to pick up and play a new or used model. Even the non-playing music fan like myself will enjoy a trip to the store just to admire the beauty of their fine selection of guitars. It’s a fun place to visit, and you never know what famous Music City musician might stop in to look around and start picking!

Here is a photo of the back façade of the original location where their advert still stands.

Gruhn Guitars - old facade - RESIZE




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