ON THE ROAD: The Feelies @ The Bell House / Brooklyn, NY / April 25, 2014


Without even knowing the competition, I will take a chance and say that The Feelies are the best part-time band in the world. Since calling it quits in 1991 and reforming in 2008, these post-punk popsters from Haledon, New Jersey play on average only about ten shows every year. With guitarist Bill Million now living in Florida, gigs most often occur around holidays when he joins his fellow band mates for dates in the Northeast.


Most of their shows have been at Maxwell’s where I first saw them on the 2012 Fourth of July weekend. With Maxwell’s now out of the picture, it looks like Feelies shows have moved across the river to The Bell House. This converted warehouse space in Brooklyn now runs a concert schedule similar to the former Hoboken venue which closed last year.


There was no opening act, and the zealous Feelies’ fans in Brooklyn saw two sets from the band. The first was just short of an hour, and after a lengthy break, they returned for another that was twice as long. The lively crowd remained on their feet well past midnight to hear a whopping 36 songs. The set list included two new songs signaling that we may have not yet heard the last of this band in the studio. (Their last effort was back in 2011 after a ten-year dry spell.)


Hopefully the band will continue to reunite and play live year after year. Life just wouldn’t be the same without getting to be in the same room with the jangling guitars of Mercer and Million.


Check out the links below for some great video from this show.


  1. When Company Comes
  2. Pass the Time (NEW SONG)
  3. It’s Only Life
  4. For Now
  5. Change Your Mind
  6. Invitation
  7. Again Today
  8. Nobody Knows
  9. Should Be Gone
  10. The High Road
  11. On the Roof
  12. Shaking Through (R.E.M. cover)
  13. [break]
  14. Flag Days (NEW SONG)
  15. Deep Fascination
  16. On and On
  17. Let’s Go
  18. Higher Ground
  19. Waiting
  20. The Final Word
  21. Way Down
  22. Away
  23. Slipping (Into Something)
  24. Doin’ It Again
  25. Time Is Right
  26. Too Far Gone
  27. Raised Eyebrows
  28. Crazy Rhythms
  29. No Fun (The Stooges cover)
  30. I Can’t Stand It (Velvet Underground cover)
  31. Moscow Nights
  32. The Good Earth
  33. Rock and Roll (Velvet Underground cover)
  34. Time for a Witness
  35. Forces at Work
  36. Fa Ce La

Glenn Mercer—Vocals and Guitars
Bill Million—Guitar
Dave Weckerman— Percussion
Brenda Sauter—Bass
Stan Demeski–Drums

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