Music City Landmarks #5—Walkin’ Nashville Tour

Bill DeMain Walkin Nashville Tour

Location: see for tour info

Although not a music landmark in itself, Bill DeMain’s Walkin’ Nashville tour has quickly become one of the best things that Music City has to offer. The respected singer-songwriter and music journalist has put together a captivating 2 hour tour through downtown Nashville. Several famous sites serve as a backdrop to DeMain’s insightful fact-filled tales about how Nashville became Music City.

In the interest of full disclosure, DeMain has been a musical nerd friend of mine for some time now. Having some guests in town gave me the perfect opportunity to take his tour. I had no doubt that Bill would put together an erudite tour, but it still overcame my high expectations.

I won’t spoil things by giving away any details, so let me just say that you will walk away with a greater knowledge and appreciation of how country music managed to survive and thrive over the years. You will also learn many deeply uncovered facts that DeMain has acquired from the countless number of artists he has interviewed and from the music books he has read. He is also one of the funniest people I have ever known, and I guarantee that he will make you laugh.

Walkin’ Nashville is a must for any music fan living here in Music City. It also serves as a great introduction to our city for both the casual and sophisticated visiting music fan. Everyone needs to put this tour on their list of must-do things in Nashville.

Bill DeMain and Music City Mike

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