ON THE ROAD: Forecastle Photo Journal—Day One / Louisville, KY / July 12, 2013

My son and I are once again at the fabulous Forecastle music festival in downtown Louisville on the banks of the Ohio River. Here is the first installment of my daily photo journal.

We arrived earlier than expected and got to hear a few songs from Roadkill Ghost Choir. All I have to say about them is that this guy had cool hair.

Roadkill Ghost Chior

I was looking forward to seeing the Bob Mould Band led by the former front man for Hüsker Dü and Sugar. Mould’s power trio rocked hard like he did back in the punk days, but after awhile things started sounding all too the same.

Bob Mould Band


Bob Mould


Bob Mould close

Caught a few songs from Houndmouth and was quite impressed. Nice original material and they showed great taste in covering Dylan and John Prine as well as Willis Alan Ramsey’s “Northeast Texas Woman.”


Houndmouth singer

I could only listen to rapper Big Boi long enough to get this picture. It looks like the former OutKast member has had some recent knee surgery.

Big Boi

My favorite moment tonight was seeing Old Crow Medicine Show. As far as modern bluegrass purveyors go these guys are the best. They closed out their set with cool covers of Dire Straits “Walk of Life” and Tom Petty’s “American Girl.” It also came to me that the perfect drinking game at an Old Crow show would be to knock one back whenever a song mentioned a city.

Old Crow

Old Crow - Ketch


Old Crow again


Old Crow - gospel

Saw only a few minutes of Nashville’s Moon Taxi.

Moon Taxi

Finally, I caught some of String Cheese Incident before leaving. These guys sure can play, but I’m not much into listening to all that noodling. Their light show was pretty cool though. I also learned that out-of-control dancers make it dangerous to walk through a String Cheese crowd.

String Cheese


String Cheese guys



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